Cooking With A Smoker

I found this smoker for only $10 at a garage sale. This has to be one of my greatest discoveries!

Mike is a grilling expert and with this smoker he took his grilling skills to a whole new level :) The smoker is actually very easy to use and has similar components to grilling. It's a cross between grilling and baking. Our smoker has a bowl in the bottom for charcoal and wood, two grates, a bowl for water, a lid and a side door that opens to cool the temp down.

To get started get some wood chips. We found some at Lowes and Target in the grilling section. We got mesquite and hickory but there are other options like cherry and apple. Soak the chips in water to keep them from burning too quickly and producing too much smoke. Then wrap them in foil and cut a few slits.
Put charcoal in the bottom and light it. Wait until the charcoal turns grey.

Pause to take pictures of our dog Rufus since he won't stay away from the camera :)

Prepare the meat. We cooked pork ribs and chicken legs. Mike rubed everything with season salt.

Once the charcoal is ready place the rest of the smoker on top of the charcoal bowl. Fill the bowl with water and place one grill on top of it. We loaded ours with ribs. Place the other grill on the top. We filled this one with checken legs.

Put on the lid and let the magic happen.

After about two hours we added some peppers from the garden. The legs are already looking pretty good.

About 4 hours later everything was done. Mike always know when the meat is done but a meat thermometer is also a handy tool to use.

Mike finished the ribs on the grill. He basted them with barbeque and let it carmelize.

We had the ribs for dinner with some roasted red potatoes from the farmers market and the smoked peppers. Yum!

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