Crochet Owl Hat

My friends son just turned one so I made him this owl crochet hat. I used the pattern I found here. It was super easy and I whipped it up in a couple of days.

I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton to make it. I got the yarn from a friend that was cleaning out her stash and I don't think they make this blue anymore. I've tried to find it at Joann's and Michaels because I really like it but the darker shades of blue just aren't the same.

crochet owl hat

I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.


  1. SO cute! I love this! Really great! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. I may have to use it. Pinning this idea now!

  2. Thanks Emily! I feel so honored to be pinned :)

  3. This is the cutest dang hat I've ever seen! Love it... great job :)