Crochet Sock Monkey Hat

I also made this sock monkey hat for my friend's one year old son. I used this pattern here. Update: The original pattern is no longer available. There are lots of other pattern on Ravelry.

I crocheted it with a G hook to make it smaller. I should have removed a couple of rows from the bottom because it was a tad bit too big. Not to worry though because he will grow into it.

I also made up the ears and mouth myself since I thought the ones from the pattern were too small. I basically added more rows to both of the ones in the pattern.

I used black buttons for the eyes to give it a more authentic look. I have no idea what kind of yarn I used since it was a hand me down from my friend that was cleaning out her stash.

This was a big hit at the birthday party since my friend had been browsing etsy in search of a sock monkey hat and she was glad she didn't buy one :)

crochet sock monkey hat

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