DIY Chalkboard

Mike and I wanted to get a chalkboard for the kitchen to write our grocery list on. We looked everywhere and what we were looking for does not exist so we decided to make our own.

We went to Lowes and picked up a can of chalkboard spray paint. They also sell it in small cans but we figured we wouldn't need that much. We had a large picture frame in our basement that was collecting dust.

Mike took the cardboard piece out of the frame and sprayed several coats of paint onto it. Once it was dry he put it back in, minus the glass piece and hung it on the wall.

Voila! A place to write our grocery list. I also took half the board to write down the veggies and herbs we have from the garden so we always know what we have to cook with.

We picked up a huge box of chalk at Target for only .99! We also hung the board with a cute clock we picked up a garage sale. It came in very handy the other day when our power went out.

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