Make Your Own Sushi

Mike mastered the art of rolling Sushi (Maki) around 3 years ago. Since then he has spread his knowledge amoungst our friends and made sushi loving converts out of everyone that tries his specialty. It's quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. Even better, it's a much much cheaper alternative to getting it at a restaurant. Plus you can be creative with the ingredients.

how to make sushi

We have a rice cooker to cook the rice. It's not a must but it does make cooking the rice much easier. You start with sushi rice aka short grain rice. It must be short grain rice or it won't stick together. Our grocery store sells it in the Asian section along with the other ingredients listed below for sushi. We are lucky enough to have an Asian market close by so that's where we usually pick up our ingredients. They have cheap prices and items you can't find at the regular grocery store like sushi grade tuna and certain spices.

Ingredients for the rice:

2 cups sushi rice
2 cups water
4 tbl seasoned rice vinegar
2 tbl sugar
2 tsp salt
  • Heat the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a small saucepan on low until just warm. Be careful not to cook to long or the sugar will burn. This is the seasoning for the rice.
  • Add rice and water to rice cooker cook until done. You can also cook in a pan on the stove per the directions on the bag.
  • Once rice is cooked add the warmed rice vinegar mixture and cool in a bowl with a damp cloth over the top to keep the rice moist.

Ingredients for the Maki:

cooked rice
Nori (seaweed sheets)
filling of your choice which can include (but not limited too)
imitation crab
smoked salmon
sushi grade tuna
lump crab meat
green onion
green pepper
cream cheese
sesame seeds
Just about anything you like!
Other items for the roll:
soy sauce
wasabi (optional for those who like it really hot)
spicy mayo (see recipe below)
pickled ginger

Ingredients for spicy mayo:

1/4 cup mayo (you can buy the japanese kind but in our opinion regular mayo tastes the same.  If you want to use and can't find it at the here is a link to buy it on Amazon.)

1 tsp sesame oil

Siracha (this is pretty easy to find in the Asian section)

Ichimi Togarashi (this is a hot chili pepper spice. If you can't find it at the store here is a link to buy it on Amazon or you can just omit it.)

Put the mayo in a small dish. Add a tsp of the Ichimi Togarashi and a few squirts of Siracha stir. Taste the mayo and add a little more Siracha and Ichimi Togarshi until you reach the amount of spice for your liking. It should be a nice orange color the same as the sauce at the restarant.

Popular combos for Maki
Philadelphia roll = smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucmuber or avacodo
California roll= imitaion crab, cucumber, avacado
Cream cheese California roll= imitaion crab, cucumber, avacado , cream cheese
Spicy tuna/salmon roll = Tuna/salmon and spicy mayo
Alaska roll= smoked salmon, aspargus, avacado
Tuna avacado= tuna, avacado
Of course the options are infinite when you are in control of the fillings.


sushi rolling mat (to keep it clean you can wrap it in plastic wrap)
bowl of water (to keep your fingers from sticking to the rice)
sharp knife (for cutting)
  • Chop your fillings into long strips around the size of the nori sheet or smaller. We kept it simple this time with imitaion crab and cucumber.

  • Place a the nori sheet onto your sushi mat. Dip your fingers in the water and grab a small ball of rice.
  • Press the rice onto the nori and smooth it over the surface in a thin layer.

  • Add your filling.
  • Take one end of the mat and start rolling the nori. Squeeze the roll into a cylinder and tuck in edges. Take your time to get it right.

  • Slice by finding the half way point. Then slice at the half way point of the smaller piece. And repeat for even pieces.

Serve with soy sauce and spicy mayo.

For another visual here is a video of Mike making the roll.

If you can't view it here is the you tube link

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  1. I can not tell you how much I love sushi! My hubby made california rolls one time but we really need to get in the kitchen and make a variety and make alot more! Your rolls look delicious!

  2. Oh yum, now i am really hungry :)

  3. this is awesome! thanks!!! ( i'm one of those people that crave sushi. a lot.) my hubs just bought me a rolling mat, so we'll have to get started asap!!!