Painting Update

The bedroom painting is complete! I started last weekend and finished on Friday (with not much done during the week.) A coat of primer on the ceiling and two coats white paint. A coat of primer on the walls and two coats of Cornerstone by Behr. Two coats of semi gloss white on the molding.  Plus Mike installed new blinds from Lowes. Here it is ready for decorating.

We moved onto the hall on Saturday and it has seemed like a ton of work. Mike has been the brave one and climbed on the ladder to get the ceiling and upper hall walls.

I spent all day Monday getting the walls done and all we have left is the molding. I will be glad when this done! We are trying to get everything spruced up for Thanksgiving. We have hosted the event at our house ever since we moved here and this will be our 6th and probably biggest year yet. We are expecting up to 19 people so it will be a full house. More on that to come.

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  1. Looks great!! I am currently painting a color close to your wall color in the rental I am working on. It feels so warm!!
    We are hosting Thnksgiving too this weekend, about 25 people coming, I'm starting to get nervous about getting everything done!