Tips For How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

My favorite part of Christmas is setting up my Christmas Tree. I always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. I learned how to put together an awesome tree from working at the department store Dillard's back when I was in college. I get lots of compliments on my tree and I've had several friends and family members ask for tips on how to make their tree look like mine.

Red and gold Christmas Tree, decorating tips
I think it helps to have a theme. Mine is red and gold. The majority of my ornaments are this color and I have a few that are crystal. I only buy my ornaments when there are on super sale after Christmas is over. I always forget what I bought the year before so it makes it fun to pull out the new ornaments next Christmas.

I also highly recommend an ornament box. I think I got mine at Lowes or Target. It's a plastic box with cardboard separators. You can store all your ornaments in this box and it makes super easy to clean up and store at the end of the season.

I prefer a fake tree because I can use it every year. We always had a real one when I was growing up and I have great memories of going to cut our own tree. It's really your preference. If you get a real tree you need a tree stand and to remember to keep it watered. If you have a fake tree fluff all the branches by pulling them apart. They are all crushed when you pull the tree out of a box or from storage. I keep my tree in an enormous Chrismas tree bag. I bought it around the holidays a few years ago and it's much easier than trying to stuff the tree into the original box.

Add your lights or turn them on. We have a few branches that burnt out so I added an additonal string of lights. It was a much cheaper alternative than buying a new tree. They are expensive!

Add ribbon or garland. I used two rolls of 30 ft ribbon. The ribbon adds more dimension to the tree. If you can't find 30 ft ribbon you can combine some shorter rolls to make a long piece. You can also add a beaded garland in place of the ribbon.

Load your tree up with ornaments. I like to start with plain round "filler" balls first. Then I add the more interesting ornaments. I try to keep my two colors evenly spread out through out the tree. The last ornaments I put on are crystal and gold icicles. They add a sparkly touch.

The tree is looking pretty good right now but to add another layer of interest I add two different kinds of flower pics. You should be able to find them at any craft store.

I place them wherever I feel there are "holes" in the tree.

Now finish it off with a tree topper and skirt. Voila! Ready for presents.

Red and gold Christmas Tree, decorating tips.

One more shot with the lights off.

Red and gold Christmas Tree, decorating tips


  1. Love your tree! I would love it if you would link this post up to Your newest GFC follower. :)

  2. Great tree! We have decided not to set ours up this year as we are going overseas for christmas. You might have made me change my mind!

  3. So pretty and well done! Having a theme is key, last year I used cobalt blue, silver and white. This year I'm using red instead of blue. Love your tree!

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My Christmas tree is always decorated with lots of inherited vintage ornaments, ornaments I bought through the years, and many handmade ornaments received in swaps with friends or made by me. I made the angel tree topper from a kit sometime back in the late 1960's. I also made the tree skirt. I don't do "themes" or trendy trees. My tree is covered with history.

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