Flower and Lace Headbands Tutorial

I made some headbands for my eight year old cousin's birthday this summer. Her 16 year old sister (my other cousin) was really impressed with them so I decided to make some for her Christmas. This is a super easy gift and it took me less than an hour to make all three.

DIY flower headband, DIY lace headband

Here's what you need to make these headbands

Headbands- any kind but plastic will work (the glue gun can melt plastic- it's happened to me before)
fake flowers
roll of lace
pearl beads
hot glue

For the purple flower headband, find some fake flowers with lots of petals. I used a hydrangea.

Pull the petals off of the stem and remove the inside piece. You can discard the inside pieces or save for a future use. I used six petals. Two were bigger than the others.

Cut two small round pieces of felt. You will glue the petals to one piece so it should be small enough that you won't see it under the petals. Take the biggest petal and glue it with the hot glue to the piece of felt.

Continue to glue and stack your petals. If you alternate the orientation of the petals you will get a fuller flower. Finish it off with a rhinestone in the middle to cover up the hole in the center.

Take your head band and find the place you want to place the flower. I tried it on first to the find the right position. Put hot glue all over the felt circle and place the headband in the center

Then place the second felt circle on top to make it look finished and keep the headband in place.

Admire your pretty headband

DIY flower headband

For the blue flower headband I started with these flowers.

I followed all the same steps as the purple flower headband only I used a stretchy headband to glue the flower to.

DIY flower headband

For the lace headband I started with this roll of lace ribbon.

I rolled the lace into a circle and continued rolling until it formed a flower. I did a practice roll first to see how full I wanted the flower before I cut a piece off. As I rolled the lace I glued every so often to keep the lace in the right shape. Once I was done rolling, I glued three pearl beads in the center.

DIY lace headband

Another Christmas gift crossed of the list.

DIY flower headband, DIY lace headband

And I had to try them on myself- for quality control of course :)

I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.

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