Butternut Squash Hash

butternut squash hash
Mike and I have been trying out new kinds of vegetables lately. There is a local store we shop at that sells mostly fresh produce and also carries other organic and health food items. I love it because you can find produce that the big grocery stores don’t sell and there are a lot of local items too.
The other night we tried out a new recipe with butternut squash. It’s not an uncommon vegetable but we’ve never made anything with it before. I was inspired to try out this recipe from my favorite couponing and deals blog Hip 2 Save. I usually read this blog for finding deals at local and online stores but she has been posting a lot of healthy recipes lately.
You can check out the original post for the recipe but I’ll explain how I made it. Feta cheese wasn’t in the original recipe but felt like I didn’t have enough bacon for a salty flavor to balance out the sweet of the apples and butternut squash.
Small butternut squash- cubed
Large red onion- diced
2 small apples (I used granny smith)- cubed
Several pieces of cooked bacon- diced
1 lb chicken breast
Olive oil
Feta cheese
Salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder or any other seasonings you like. I would have used thyme if I wasn’t out of it

Toss the butternut squash in olive oil and generously season with salt, pepper, oregano and garlic powder. Place on a baking sheet and broil on high for 10 minutes until the squash starts to brown.
Put a little olive oil in a skillet and heat the onions until they are soft. Add some additional seasoning.
Grill the chicken (or you can pan fry, any method you prefer) and cube when cooked.
Add the squash, apples, bacon and chicken to the skillet and combine well. Heat for a few minutes to slightly soften the apples.
Serve and sprinkle with feta.
butternut squash hash

butternut squash hash
butternut squash hash

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