DIY Rosette Pillow

diy rosette pillow

Some of the living room pillows were starting to look a little beat up so I decided to whip up some new ones from my fabric stash. I needed some inspiration so I searched Pinterest for some ideas. I found this tutorial on how to make fabric rosettes. I loved the look of the rosette on the pillows so I decided to try it.

I started out with this red fabric.


I cut out two squares in the size I wanted the pillow to be. Then I sewed them together. I used this brilliant tutorial on how to sew perfect corners. There is a video that made it really easy for me to follow.

Sew down one side of the pillow and back stitch. Fold down the corner before you sew the next side
After you sew all four sides (with an opening to turn), fold the other side of the corner down and turn the pillow right side out. You will be left with a perfect corner.


After I sewed the pillow, but before I stuffed it, I started on my rosette. I used two long strips of the same fabric and rolled it into a flower using this tutorial. I had a hard time with the fabric because it was very thick. I had to pin the rosette together before I started hand sewing. It was tough to get the needle through all the layers. I would love to try this with a thinner piece of fabric because I think it would be much easier.
After I sewed the rosette to the front of the pillow, I stuffed it with fiberfill and hand stitched the opening closed.

I loved how it turned out and the color matches perfectly with our curtains. I ended up making a few other non rosette pillows to go on our couch too.

DIY Rosette Pillow

DIY Rosette Pillow

DIY Rosette Pillow

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