Jewelry Organization Display Tutorial

jewelry organization displaay tutorial

This is my favorite project of all time! I have been drooling over jewelry organization pictures on Pinterest for months. Mike and I have discussed ways to make my own jewelry organizers and we gathered up most the materials and they have been sitting around in the “To Do” pile.

I had been missing a key component and that has been something to pin the jewelry too. The solution appeared at Target the other day while we were in the cleaning supplies aisle. There was a small section dedicated to contact paper and there was one made out of cork. We snatched it up and the supplies we needed to make the jewelry organizers were complete. So then it sat around for another week or so before I got inspired to finally make them. It was actually really easy and (although I always think this) I don’t know why I didn’t make them sooner! I have never felt so organized with my jewelry. It is so easy to find my necklaces and I find myself wearing some of my forgotten pieces more often.

To make this project I started out with four various sized frames. They were all laying around in the basement waiting for a purpose. Mike spray painted them all black for me and removed the glass. Then we positioned them on the wall to figure out how we wanted to hang them. We added a black and white picture to balance out the arrangement.


Then I got out my roll of cork.


I laid it on the table and took the cardboard back of one of the frames and traced it onto the backside of the cork. I cut along the lines with my rotary cutter to make a clean cut.


I pulled off a small piece of the paper backing and laid the sticky side down on the top of the cardboard. I continued to remove the paper and smooth the cork on the cardboard. I flipped I over and made sure I didn’t have any overlap and if I did I trimmed it off.


Then I placed the cork covered cardboard back into the frame and repeated with two of the other frames.


For the last frame I wanted to use something that I could hang my earrings on. I have seen various materials used but I wanted to use something I already had. I experimented with some lace ribbon but it didn’t look right so I ended up using a old lace curtain I had been saving. I laid out the curtain on the table and moved the frame around looking for the right part of the pattern to use. Then I got a staple gun and stapled the curtain to the back of the frame. The wood of the frame was really tough so I ended up hammering the staples down.


I flipped the frame over and used my rotary cutter to cut off the rest of the curtain.


After I finished all of my frames I laid them on the floor and started placing my necklaces on them to get a feel for where I wanted to position everything. After I figured it out I hung the frames on the wall and started putting in the push pins. I could have went out a purchased some pretty push pins but I had a full box of clear ones so I decided to work with what I had. I am going to warn you that the cork was not very thick and the cardboard was a little tough to stick the pins through. The pins poked through to the other side and into my fingers a couple of times. I had to hammer a few in that were really stubborn.


After I got the pins in place I hung up my necklaces and hoop earrings and I hung my other earrings in the lace. Now I can admire all my pretty jewelry and it is so easy to pick something out I want to wear. I didn’t do anything my with bracelets and more delicate necklaces so there is still a future project on my list to organize the rest of my jewelry. For the time being I can admire my awesome jewelry organization display :)

Jewlery Organization Display

Jewlery Organization Display
Jewlery Organization Display

Jewlery Organization Display

Jewelry Organization Display

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