Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf- The Easy Way

regular scarf to infinity scarf easy

We have been doing a lot of organizing and purging around the house in preparation for a possible move. A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out our basket full of winter hats, gloves and scarfs. I pulled out a couple of scarfs I forgot about that I no longer wore. The fringe on both the scarfs didn’t look good anymore and I have had them forever. Both scarfs made me think they would make a perfect infinity scarf but I wasn’t interested as wearing as a regular scarf anymore. 

I wanted to make this a super easy and quick project. I know real seamstresses might not approve of the method I used but I figured these scarfs were destined for the Goodwill pile so I didn’t care if I made a perfect seam.

I started with these two scarfs.


I folded the scarf in half, lining up the two sides and pinned them together. I got out my rotary cutter and ruler and made an even cut to remove the fringe.


Then I sewed a the two pieces together with a straight stitch. I made a zig zag stitch next to the first stitch to help with fraying.


And done! I know the seam is visible but when I put the scarf on I make sure it is in the back and facing my neck. You can’t tell I didn’t make a perfect stitch. I am in love with both of these scarfs now! Too bad winter seems to be over because I want to wear them all the time.

The next 10 days are supposed to be in the 60-70 degree range so I am not complaining about that! This has been the most mild winter and earliest spring that I can ever remember in Northeast Ohio. Usually in mid March we are lucky to have a one or two warm days.

Easy Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf

Easy Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf Easy Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf

Easy Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf

Easy Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf

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