Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

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Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

I have been working on creating some new headband designs lately. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Ravelry for new stitch patterns. I feel like I need to branch out from plain old single, half double and double crochet. I’ve found lots of different ways to combine the same stitches in new ways. I figured making up some headband patterns would be a good way to practice what I’ve been learning.

This week was my cousin’s 17th birthday. Since she is a teenager I am a bit of a loss when it comes to presents she might like so I got her a gift card to Target. I felt like it was a little impersonal and I wanted to wrap something so I got her a cute little set of mini nail polishes. Then I figured I might as well whip her up a quick headband too. It’s still pretty simple but it’s using a new technique I just discovered- making bows.
I was inspired by a post I found via Pinterest. I used the same idea for the headband but made up my own bow.  They are super easy to make. It’s just a rectangle that is pinched in the middle and wrapped with yarn to secure it in place.

Small amount of worsted weight yarn. (I used Caron Simply Soft)
H hook
Tapestry needle
Sc= single crochet
Ch= chain


Create a chain long enough to fit around your head (or your recipient’s head) and be able to tie.
Sc into the 2nd chain from the hook and each remaining chain.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Ch 16. Sc into 2nd chain from hook and each remaining chain.
Ch 1 and turn. Sc in each sc across. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 5 rows of sc.
Once you finish all the rows, sc around the entire rectangle to give it a finished look.

Fasten off and leave a really really long tail.

Pinch the center of the rectangle so it forms the bow shape. I had to play with mine a little to get the look I wanted.

Wrap the really really long tail around the center of the rectangle where you pinched it multiple times until you like the way the center looks. (I made sure my tail was long enough by wrapping it around before I cut it. Then I unwrapped it and I took the tail and wove it through the bottom row of crochet and stopped in the middle of the rectangle so I didn’t have to fasten off and attach another piece. )

Save a little piece of the tail to attach the bow to your headband. I tried the headband on and decided where I wanted the bow to be before I attached it. I put mine on the side of the head.

Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

Crochet Bow Headband Pattern
Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

It also makes the perfect gift bow!

Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

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