Crochet Headband with Interchangeable Flowers Pattern

crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

I am really excited about this project! I have been thinking about making a crochet hat or headband with interchangeable flowers for a long time. The idea has been rolling around in my head but I hadn’t actually made one until now. I have been making cute crocheted items for my friend’s baby girl and I knew that I had to make this project. I was poking around on Pinterest to see if I could find a pattern someone else had already created but I couldn’t find anything. I decided just to make it up myself. I had a stash of cotton yarn in multiple colors so it became the base for my creation.

Worsted weight yarn in a variety of colors. I used Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for this project.
H hook
Small button to fit through center hole of the flower
Tapestry Needle

Ch= chain
Hdc= half double crochet
Ss= slip stitch
Dc= double crochet
Sk= skip

Row 1: Ch 3. Starting with 1st chain from hook hdc in each chain across. (3 hdc)
Row 2: Ch 1 and turn. Hdc in each stitch across. (3 hdc)
Repeat row 2 until you achieve the desired length. Fasten off and leave a long tail. Use the tail to weave together the two ends to make a circle.

I recommend making the headband about 1 inch smaller because it will fall off if you make it too big. Try stretching it out before you finish it to get a feel for how much it can stretch.
Flower (adapted from this pattern)
Round 1: Ch 8. Ss in beg ch to form a ring.
Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc) dc in ring (Ch 4, 3 dc in ring) 5 times, ch 4, dc in ring, join with Ss in top of beg ch. (6 ch- 6 sp)
Rnd 3: [ch 1, skip 1 dc (sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, dc) in next ch-6 sp, ch 1, sk 1 dc, Ss in next dc] around – (6 petals.) Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Check the button will fit through the hole in the middle of your flower. If it is too large you can use the tail from the beginning of the flower and thread it through the double crochets that make up the center of the flower. Pull tightly and it will make the hole in the center smaller. I had to do this with my flowers since I wanted the fit to be tight on the button so it wouldn’t fall off.
Make as many flowers as you would like.
Sew the button to the front of the headband. I used matching yarn so the stitches wouldn’t be noticeable. Then attach a flower to the button.
crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern
My lovely baby model, Audrey, showing off her new headband
crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

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