Fake Flower Headband Tutorial

In case you missed it here is my guest post I shared over at The Crafty Scientist.

flower headband

I love making fake flower headbands. They are quick and easy and make great gifts. Plus they are so much cheaper to make yourself than to buy at the store. I made these headbands for my cousin for Christmas and my sister was jealous so I  decided to make her one too.
I started by pulling this fake flower out of my stash.


I pulled all the petals off of the plastic piece that attached the flower together. Then I played around with stacking all the separate pieces to find a shape I liked. I saved the extra pieces for a future project (because a true crafter can never throw anything away :P)


In addition for the deconstructed flower I also used a headband, two small circles of felt and a button. Plus my hot glue gun.


I started by gluing the flower petals to one of the felt circles. Every time I glued down a new petal, I would try to position it differently than the petal below to make sure the flower would look full. When all the petals were glued down I glued the button in the center to hide the hole and make it look more finished.


Then I glued the felt circle to the headband.


And put the other felt circle on top to cover up excess glue and give it a finished look.


I love the way it turned out! I want to keep it for myself so I know my sister will love it.




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