Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

felt flower headband tutorial

I have been on a headband kick lately so get ready to see a lot of headband posts :) I turned to Pinterest for  inspiration. I searched through my board looking for projects where I already had the supplies and the instructions were simple enough to follow. For this project I used this tutorial from The Gunny Sack. I have made each felt flowers with the same concept but she turns the petals of the flower in a different direction than I have used in the past and it gives the flower a different look. It was super easy to make.

I started out with some white felt that I folded up to make it easier to cut. I used a small ramekin to trace a circle.

I cut out eleven circles of felt. (They don’t have to be perfect.) Plus two bigger circles. One for the base of the flower and one to glue to the back of the headband.


Next I took one of the circles and I folded it in half and in half again so it forms a cone shape.


Then I took the circle and hot glued it onto the base.


And I repeated it all around the edge of the large circle.


For the center I held three folded circles together and put a big glob of glue in the center to stick the circles in.


I glued the back of the flower to a headband and used the other large circle of felt on top to hide any glue mess.

felt flower headband

felt flower headband

felt flower headband

felt flower headband

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