Smoked Ribs and a Great Weekend

Sunday was the most beautiful day. It was sunny and 80 and it felt like Summer. Mike and I pulled our bikes and and went a leisurely bike ride. I have to admit I think I am a little out of shape. I was struggling a little bit and Mike was practically riding circles around me. I really need to get out on the bike more and build up my endurance. Besides Summer is coming and I need to look good in the short shorts I just bought at Target :)
We bought some country ribs and a pork shoulder roast on Saturday so Mike fired up the smoker for the first time this year on Sunday. (Want to know how to cook with one? Check out this post.) Mike smoked the pork and also some hot jalapeno and banana peppers. He chopped up the smoked peppers and mixed them with corn, black beans, cilantro and a ton of spices to make a yummy smokey corn salsa. It was a perfect compliment to the ribs. We enjoyed our tasty meal outside on our patio.

It was the first meal of the year we’ve eaten outside and I’m looking forward to many more this summer!

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