DIY Bow Shoe Clips

We had amazing weather this past weekend. I scored some great garage sale finds on Saturday with my grandma. Saturday afternoon was spent installing a new storm door. Ours blew off the hinges a couple of weeks ago in a wind storm. This was not an easy job! It took about 4 hours and a lot of frustration. The instructions were not very detailed and were hard to follow. There were a few times where we wished we had paid to get it installed. In the end it was worth it. Our new door is really sturdy with a half screen on top and glass on the bottom. It’s perfect for the dogs. They can look out the bottom and we don’t have to worry they will push out the screen. We can still open the top and get a nice breeze. Looking out the door is like doggie TV for our labradoodle Rufus. He spent most of the weekend laying down in front of the door keeping watch over the neighborhood.

On Sunday we took a bike ride through Silver Lake, a town right next to ours. I am now completely in love with it and I want to move there. The neighborhood is so cute and there are some really beautiful houses right on the lake. I even scoped out what was for sale right now to get a feel for the neighborhood. There price range is pretty large but there are affordable houses there. I could definitely see us living there.

In the afternoon Mike fixed our side gate and we cleaned out our garage. It was long overdue. There was a mouse or some small animal living in there at one point and everything was covered in spider webs. I sprayed off the shelves and we reorganized them. It felt good to get everything tidied up and I put my fears to rest that I would find a hidden mouse nest.

Now on to my bow shoe clips!


I sawsome no sew grosgrain bows made by Caroline on C.W. Frosting the other day. I was in love! They were so cute and super simple to make with great step by step instructions. I knew that I had to make them and I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for.

I had this pair of shoes that has been sitting in my “to do” pile for a long time. I liked how comfy they are but I felt like they were lacking any pizazz. I wanted to breathe some life into them so I would actually want to wear them again. I knew I wanted to make shoe clips but I didn’t have any good ideas until I saw the grosgrain bows.


I went to my ribbon stash and pulled out some black grosgrain ribbon and started cutting. I cut three different lengths (8, 6 1/2 and 3) and two pieces of each length. I made them slightly smaller than the ones Caroline made but it was only because I misread her 8 1/2 for 8 and then I had to make the other one smaller.
I left the lace off because I didn’t have any I thought worked with the bow. I used hot glue to glue everything together and attached a shoe clip to the back of each bow.


They were done in to time at all! It was so quick and easy!
This bow would also be perfect for a headband so when I get back on a headband kick I will be making these again.


I love how the bows really dressed up these shoes. It’s such a small change but with a big impact. I am loving them now and they will be perfect to wear with skirts and dresses so I can show off the cute embellishment.



I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.

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