My First Garage Sale Finds of the Season

Garage sale season has officially started! My grandma called me up last Saturday will a list of sales that were going on. I didn’t realize how early the sales started. Usually when the weather starts to warm up is when they first start appearing. It was only 40 degrees on Saturday with a little freezing rain so not exactly great weather to be sitting outside.
We started off with the yearly sale at a church by my house. Church sales are pretty awesome. There is tons of stuff in one location and the prices are dirt cheap. We didn’t get there real early so I think we missed out on some of the best stuff. I still walked out with a steal on jewelry. I got four bracelets, one pair of earrings and five necklaces for 50 cents a piece and a total of five dollars. I was pretty pumped considering I’ve been paying far more for jewelry at Target.
Driving around we noticed a sign for another sale and stumbled upon another big one. There is a community center in my town that used to be an old school. Every summer they hold a few garage sales there. People in the community can rent a table to sell their stuff. We had been there before but it was always held outside in warmer weather. This year everyone was inside so it was perfect for the cold day. I scored three belts for seven dollars and a brand new skein of Caron Pound of Love yarn for two dollars. I was excited about the belts because I needed some with lighter colors for summer. I just paid seventeen dollars for a similar one at Target a couple of weekends ago. I don’t have plans for the yarn yet but I couldn’t pass it up. It could make some great Christmas projects if I don’t find another use for it. I also got another necklace for 50 cents.
You really can’t beat the deals at garage sales. I need to come up with a list of items to look out for this summer. If I have a purpose when I go out then I usually find what I am looking for. This past weekend I felt like I needed some new accessories and that’s exactly what I found.

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