What’s Blooming in My Garden: Early May


We had a weekend of perfect weather. I was determined to do some rearranging in my front perennial bed and I am feeling pretty good about what I accomplished.  My perennial garden consists of plants that were here when we moved in, plants from my garden loving family members, plants I grew from seed and clearance finds. It seems like this year everything has grown really big and I felt like it was getting a little crowded.

A couple of weekends ago I started digging up my herb garden I had on the front side of the house. I felt like we weren’t using the herbs very often because they weren’t conveniently located. I dug up my chives, garlic chives, oregano and thyme and moved them to some pots on our back patio.

This left me with a big space to fill. I  wanted to fill it with moonbeam coreopsis because the one I planted two years ago had tripled in size and was crowding out my azalea. I divided  it into three pieces and transplanted two of them and gave the other one away to my neighbor. It is still looking very unhappy but I’m sure it will bounce back.

I also moved a Siberian iris that was getting crowded out and some allium bulbs I planted last year that were in too much shade.

I passed on a lot to my neighbors too. I outfitted my next door neighbor with a third of a ginormous mum that was taking over my garden, two clumps of garlic chives and two clumps of back eyed susan that were rapidly spreading. My other neighbor got a clump of mums and coreopsis. My mom got a clump of mums and garlic chives.

My mom brought be a clump of columbine that needs to find a home in my garden. I plan on planting it today.

After all that digging and dividing I am feeling really good about my garden. It has been slowly evolving over the 6 1/2 years we have been living here. So far there had been something blooming all season and I hope that I’ve planned it well enough that the blooms will continue until it frosts.

Here is what is blooming right now.


bearded iris

Bearded Iris and Lilac










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