Boat Ride


This past weekend Mike and I and my family went on a pontoon boat ride on Portage Lakes for my Grandma’s birthday. We didn’t get a very long trip in because it started to storm. It was a very interesting trip back to the dock when it started raining on us! We still had enough time to enjoy a picnic on the lake.

I love the Portage Lakes area. There are some amazing houses right on the lake. Every time we make a trip down there I dream of moving there. House prices are pretty steep even for the small houses but a girl can dream :)

I manage to snap some fun pics with my camera while we were out.

This flock of swans got really close to out boat. I’m sure they were looking for a snack but it was neat to see them so close with all the babies. You can see how two of them have their foot out of the water. We all thought there was something wrong with them but apparently they were just resting because they put them back in after a little while.






Isn’t this house amazing? I want to jump off that rope into the water.


Portgage Lakes house


Love this landscaping. I admire this garden every time we are out on the lake.


Portgage Lakes garden


This house is pretty awesome. I love how unusual it is.


Portage Lakes House 3


This is a nice shot of of the clock tower.


Portage Lakes clock tower


My lovely husband and I. He was so sweet and got an umbrella from our car when we got back to prevent my Grandma from getting wet from the rain.



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