How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Using Picmonkey {Beautify Your Blog Series}

How to make a facebook cover photo using Picmonkey

For this installment of my Beautify Your Blog Series I am going to show you how to make a Facebook Cover Photo using Picmonkey. I know this isn’t directly on your blog but it’s still part of your bloggy network. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet I highly recommend getting one. It’s easy to send your posts automatically to Facebook using Networked Blogs. I have lots of friends and family that wouldn’t know about my blog if it wasn’t for my Facebook page. It’s another way you can gain new readers.
I also needed to create a new cover photo for my Facebook page so I figured I might as well share a tutorial for it. There are two ways you can go about making your cover photo. The first way is similar to my blog header tutorial. The Facebook Cover page is 851 x 315 so you would resize your picture to those dimensions.

The way that I am going to make my cover photo is by using one of Picmonkey’s Facebook cover photo collage templates so that’s what I will show you.

Start out by going to Picmonkey and click on Create a Collage.

make facebook cover photo

Click on the choose collage button that looks like a rectangle and two squares. Find FB Cover in the list. There are four options to choose from based on how may pictures you want to add. I decided to go with the seven picture layout.

make facebook cover photo 2

Now it’s time to add some pictures to your collage. Click on the icon that looks like mountains and a sun and then click Upload Photos. Browse your computer to pick the pictures you want to use.

make facebook cover photo 3

The photos shows up on the left under arrow #1. Drag one over under arrow #2 to the box you want it to be in. Once you drop the picture in the box you can move it around a little to display the best part of the picture. Once the picture is part of the collage you will get a check mark to show that you used it.
You can choose more than one photo to upload at once. You can also delete the photos in the collage or on the left side by hovering over the photo and clicking the x in the top right hand corner.

make facebook cover photo 4

I am leaving my biggest picture space blank because I want to add some text to it. Feel free to fill this space in if you want to. If you click on the icon on the left side that looks like a painter’s pallet you can make some adjustments to your collage. You can increase or decrease the spacing between the pictures, round the corners and change the color of the background.

When you have the collage the way you want it save the photo to your computer.

make facebook cover photo 5

Click on Upload at the top of the screen (or go back to main page and click Edit Photo) and find your newly saved collage. Since I didn’t add a picture to the main spot I’m going to put a rectangle there before I add text. (If you added a picture you can skip this step.) Choose the heart, star, word bubble on the left in #1 and then choose Geometric in #2.

I dragged the rectangle over and resized it to fit. I left a space at the bottom because your profile picture shows up here. I actually learned this the hard way. Don’t put anything if that space that you wouldn’t want covered up. Next I changed the color of the rectangle to one that it is in my blog header. Combine the rectangle with your picture in #3 so it doesn’t move around when you add text.

make facebook cover photo 6

Next click on the P on the left hand toolbar to add text. I added my blog name first and then added my tagline second so I could make them a different size. I also changed the color in the Overlay box to match the colors in my blog header. Once you have the collage the way you like it, save your picture.

make facebook cover photo 7

Upload to your Facebook page and admire your handy work. (Side note: I wanted to change my profile picture to my blog button but I kept getting an error. Grrrr. If I can change it I will update this picture.)

facebook cover photo done

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