Veggie Garden Progress: Early June

veggie garden

My veggie garden is really shaping up! I have three raised beds that I outfitted with rope grids so I can practice square foot gardening. You won’t really notice them since I have a layer of straw mulch down that’s covering them up. All my beds are outfitted with fences this year to keep out puppy Abby out of them. She will eat anything and everything plus she loves to dig in the dirt. This garden would be nonexistent without the fence!

I wanted to share what we have growing in each bed now that the warm season veggies have started to fill in.

The first bed has peppers in the bottom, bush beans in the top left and onions in the top right. There is a basil plant in between the beans and onions. Pole beans will go up the trellis. There are two tiny dill plants that popped up under the beans and I’m waiting on carrots and parsley to round out this bed.

veggie garden 2

I’m excited to already see some tiny little peppers, We planted a jalapeno, serrano, cubanelle and gypsy. The serrano and cubanelle weren’t originally in my plan but I didn’t read the plant tags at the store very well and that’s what we ended up with. The gypsy was an afterthought since I wanted another sweet pepper. I’ve never heard of it before so we will see how it turns out.

pepper plants

veggie garden 3

Veggie bed number two contains lettuce at the top, baby bok choy to the right of the lettuce, peas growing up the trellis, roma tomato in the bottom right, radishes along the left side, thai basil underneath the lettuce, and a couple of lettuce seedlings that are popping up. There’s also a couple of random onions along the bottom of the trellis.

I am super excited the roma tomato already has fruits on it! I usually grow my tomatoes from seed but it has been nice having a plant from the store since it’s much bigger right now than my home grown seedlings usually are.

roma tomato

Veggie bed number three looks a little empty right now. It has garlic at the top and a better boy tomato in the bottom right. I just planted some cilantro seeds and more bush beans seeds to fill this bed up a little more.

veggie garden 4

Here’s a nice shot of the tomato. It’s growing big real fast.


Here is my experiment this year. I am trying to grow a tomato in the topsy turvy. I’ve never tried it before and honestly I’m a little skeptical. It doesn’t seem like there is enough space for the roots to develop. I didn’t actually buy the topsy turvy for myself (by the way it’s not a name brand one.) I bought it to give to my mom but then she had already got herself one so it sat in my garage for a while. This year we had so many volunteer tomato seedlings spring up and I didn’t want them to all go to waste. I also didn’t want to commit the garden space to another tomato so I decided to give the topsy turvy a try. I plan on pinching back the suckers so I keep the plant fairly compact. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture but the plant has already started curving upwards and I took this picture the day after we planted it.

You may see my herb garden peeking through in the corner. I’ll save that for another post.

topsy turvy tomato

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