Sandal Redo

sandal redo

I am really excited about this project. Besides adding bow clips to shoes this is the first shoe redo I have ever done. I bought this pair of sandals at at garage sale last year for a dollar. They were in good shape and I really liked the style. When I brought them home I realized they were missing a rhinestone. I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice but I completely missed it.



At first I thought I would just buy a new rhinestone and glue it in. That was much easier said than done. I couldn’t find the right color to match. I tried popping out the other rhinestones to change them all but they wouldn’t budge. I ended up throwing the sandals in my shoe refashion pile and gave up on them.
I pulled them out the other day with a renewed outlook. I wanted to make little flowers to cover up the missing rhinestone. My idea didn’t seem like it was going to work and I started wondering if I could remove all of the metal disks. I started pulling them off of the shoes and most of them popped right off. Part way through destroying my shoes I did question my sanity but I figured there was no turning back.


Once I had all the disks pulled off I had a great blank slate to add some fabric flowers. I dug around in my fabric stash and I found this shiny black fabric. It looked like it had to be some kind of synthetic blend so I was hoping it would work to singe the edges. I cut a circle and experimented with a lighter and it singed very nicely.

I proceeded to cut out a series of circles to make a layered singed flower. These are all over blog land  right now. I made a prototype first to make sure I had enough layers of fabric to cover up the circles on the shoes.  I cut most of the circles with my handy dandy circle cutter. I got it from Amazon to make better circles.


I’m still getting the hang of using it and the fabric was kind of slippery so they aren’t all perfect. You can definitely tell which ones I cut by hand though.


I singed the edges of each circle on the candle. I started out by using my fingers but after I nearly burned myself I wised up and used a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the fabric. If you try this be careful! The fabric gets hot! I found if I ran the flame under the back of the circle, slightly away from the edge, it made the circle curl up into a pretty shape.



I repeated this to make six flowers. Once all the petals were done I glued them together by stacking each layer with a dab of glue in between. To finish off the center I added a pearl bead.


Once the flowers were all done I used my glue gun to glue them all on. I like to glue on top of a magazine so I can rip off the top page that gets covered in glue and throw it away. Then I have a clean page for the next time I want to glue.


Tadah! I fixed my sandals into something I can actually wear. They are a mix between dressy and casual so I can use them in either situation.

sandal redo

sandal redo

sandal redo

sandal redo

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T-Shirt to Skirt Refashion

t shirt to skirt

I bought this mustard color shirt at the thrift store for 50 cents. I am slightly obsessed with this color right now and even though I already had a mustard tee and tank top I could resist the price. It was a little too big on me but I figured I would just take it in.


I bought it and once I got it home I realized that two mustard tees was one too many so I threw it in the refashion pile and figured I would make something else with it. The other day I was feeling in the skirt mood after I made my blue skirt so I pulled it on the tee to see if it was big enough for my hips and long enough to be a skirt.

After I determined it would work I laid my pencil skirt over the top and drew a line on each side. I sewed up the edges and left the top unhemmed since it was curling over and I liked the way it looked.


It was such a quick project in my excitement to trim off the edges I cut a hole in the side of the skirt! I thought I was going to cry. I quickly recovered and tried to think of a solution. I started by gluing a little patch of scrap to the back of the skirt with fabric glue. It fixed the hole but it was still noticeable.


I still had a bunch of scraps so I decided to make a rolled rosette to cover up the hole. I played around with a couple of types of rosettes before settling on one larger one with two little leafs. I used two strips of scarp and two leaf shapes.


To make my rosette I took too long scraps and used a running stitch to make them one. Then I pulled on the strip to stretch it out and make it a little bit longer and skinnier. I tied a knot at the end and started rolling the strip around the knot, stitching it together as I went to keep the shape.

I sewed the two leaf shapes on with the sewing machine. I had to go back and add a couple of cross stitches to keep the ends of the leaf from curling over.  Then I hand stitched the flower on next to the leaf shapes.


I turned my near project fail into a success! I’m pairing my mustard skirt with blue again because I am loving this combo right now.



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Dress to Skirt Refashion

dress to skirt

I got this dress from Target online. It was one of their daily deals and it was super cheap.  I actually bought two. When I got them in the mail this one was a different style than I thought it would. I tried to wear it a couple of times but I felt like the fit more like a baby doll dress which I think is unflattering on me. It sat in my closet for a long time before it made it’s way to the refashion pile.


I actually thought I wanted to lengthen the dress in the torso but I couldn’t figure out what color to use. I had an Aha! moment the other day when I saw this post from Merrick’s Art where she styled a jersey knit blue pencil skirt. It was a really similar color to my blue dress. I knew I had plenty of fabric to turn it onto a skirt. Merrick also has a post on making an easy pencil skirt that I semi-followed.

I started out by unpicking the seam that held the top and bottom pieces together. The bottom piece was kind of strange since it had three seams. I ended up positioning one of the seams in the center of the back. Then I laid a pencil skirt I already had over top and drew a line down each sides with tailor’s chalk. The pencil skirt was a little but longer than my fabric but I actually wanted a slightly shorter skirt.


I sewed up the sides on the line I drew and cut off the excess. I finished it off with a little hem at the top.
Now I have a skirt I actually want to wear! It’s super comfy and I love this color paired with a mustard top.


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Car Camping


Lake in Punderson State Park

Image Source


This past Saturday Mike and I went camping with a group of our friends to Punderson State Park. We used to go camping all the time when I was a kid and I went once with a couple of my girlfriends when I was 19 so I hadn’t been in 11 years. Camping as an adult just seemed like a lot more fun than I remember it :)

To start with Mike and I purchased a new air mattress with built in pump right before we went. He wasn’t too keen on sleeping on the ground and we have been wanting to buy one for a while to have as a spare guest bed.  Mike had an enormous tent he bought before we were together (which we had also never used together and had to air out for a week before we left) and it accommodated our air mattress perfectly. If required an electric hookup, which the campsite had, and our friends brought their extra long extension cord so we filled it up in the tent. It made for a really comfortable nights sleep.

Our one friend called camping at a camp site “car camping” because it’s not real camping unless you hike into the woods in the middle of nowhere to camp. It was an ongoing joke because we all brought  along most of our houses so it didn’t feel like we were lacking any comforts of home. Our friends were especially amused when Mike busted out our French press for coffee in the morning. It actually made sense to bring it since it only requires hot water and no electric hookup.

We did all our cooking on the campfire and it was really good. Particularly the banana boats we had for desert. We took a banana and sliced it in half while it was still in the peel. Then we added marshmallows and chocolate, wrapped the whole thing in foil and warmed it in the fire. It was delicious!

This was also our first night away from our pup Abby since we got her last October. Rufus and Abby went to stay at Grammy's house and they both came home so tired they slept all the next day.

We had such a good time camping I think we might try it again for our upcoming vacation. We are planning on having a “staycation” and checking out the local sights we don’t usually have time for. We might go up to Geneva where there are some local wineries we’ve been wanting to try. There just so happens to be a state park up there so it would be fun to spend a couple nights camping out and sampling wines.

(By the way, the awesome pic has no credit to me. We didn’t get around to taking any pictures :P)

I have scoured every corner of Pinterest for some inspiration and been working through my refashion pile so expect some upcoming refashions this week!

What’s Blooming In My Garden: Mid July

In the spring my garden was blooming non stop with new flower blooms. Now that we are into the summer I still have lots of flowers blooming but instead of short bursts of color, the blooms last much longer. There are only a few flowers that haven’t started blooming yet but my hydrangea, black eyed Susan and purple coneflower will be blooming for a long time to come.

I have a funny story about these day lilies (or at least a mildly amusing story.) I bought them as bulbs from Walmart. When I bought them I thought they were going to be red. After I planted them and had developed more of my color scheme in the garden I wished I had bought another color. They never really came up the first year because I accidentally planted them upside down. I got a few leaves but no blooms. The next year I was really excited to see them doing so much better. Then I saw the first bloom and it wasn’t red at all. Instead it was this soft peachy color. It was so funny that I had wished I had gotten a different color and I got what I wished for. Although this also led me to the thought that Walmart mispackaged their bulbs and if I actually wanted red I would have been upset.

day lily

day lily (2)

day lily 3

These moonbeam coreopsis are spreaders. I bought them in a tiny quart container last year and this year they tripled in size. I divided them to move them to where they could have more room and I almost killed them. They did not like being moved at all. I had to give them a ton of water and they finally perked back up and are blooming profusely now.

moonbeam coreopsis

Black eyed Susan is another one that likes to spread. They self seed really easily and also branch out on their own. I started out with two little clumps from my mom and now I have two huge clumps. I dug out two little clumps for my neighbor this year to try and keep them under control. I also dug up a few little seedlings and I have been nurturing them to give away to a good home.

black eyed Susan 2

black eyed Susan

I love my purple coneflower. I wish this guy would spread a little more. The flower buds are so interesting. They change shape as they mature. This is a newly opened bud.

purple coneflower

I can’t write a flower garden post without sharing my hydrangea. I just love this flower.


Lastly, my flower annual experiment this year is with Portaluca or moss rose. I bought these planters at Joanns last summer and they dry out super quick. I wanted to find an annual I could plant that didn’t require a lot of water. Through my internet research I came across moss rose. They are succulents so they store a lot of water in the leaves and it makes them more drought resistant. It seemed like the perfect solution to my problem so I filled all my backyard planters with them. Much to my disappointment, they rarely bloom. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m not watering them enough or maybe they are over fertilized or maybe it’s too hot in the backyard. I’m pretty much at a loss. The other day they all started blooming and it lasted for two days. I was so excited and snapped some pics. Most of the blooms are dying off now so hopefully they will come back soon. If you have any experience with these plants I would love to hear about it.

portaluca moss rose

Ruffle Tank Top Refashion

ruffle tank refashion

My projects tend to happen in cycles. I work on multiples the same type of project and then I move on to another type. My latest obsession is refashioning. I have a huge pile of clothes that I want to refashion and the pile always seems to grow but never get any smaller. I have made a pact with myself to work through the pile. I also am going to refrain from doing any shopping until I make a dent in the clothes I already have.
This tank top I bought online from Old Navy last summer. I really need to quit buying clothes online. Even though I rarely buy stuff that isn’t an amazing clearance markdown deal, I always find it never fits me quite like I want it to. This tank top was no exception. It was too wide and the length was a little too long. It also was way too low cut and required me to wear something underneath it.


It sat in my closet for a while and then moved to the refashion pile. The other day I picked it up and finally figured out what I wanted to do to make it wearable.


I started by laying another tank top that I liked the fit of on top of the yellow tank.


I drew a line down the sides of the purple tank to make a line to sew down.


Then I used my rotary cutter and a ruler to cut off the bottom of the tank. I unpicked the side seams  to make two pieces to use for ruffles.

I sewed down my newly marked side seams and cut off the extra. I also hemmed the bottom of the shirt using a double needle. It was my first time doing it but I loved the way it came out. It gives the hem a much more professional look. If you need a tutorial, Ashley at Make it Love it has a great tutorial on how to do it.


Next I wanted to make the neckline more modest so I sewed in a piece of white knit from an old t shirt.
I took my two pieces of the bottom of the shirt and ruffled them. Then I sewed them in two layers on the top of the shirt (I somehow forgot to take a pic of this.) I felt like the ruffle was slightly uneven so I made a simple rolled rosette with a leftover scrap of the shirt and a strip off tulle.

tank top refashion

And voila! I have a wearable tank top!

(The color difference in these pics is really strange. The shirt is truer to this color than the before shots. It’s amazing how the light in the room can alter the color of a picture.)

tank top refashion

I love this shirt with my mint jean capris.

tank top refashion

tank top refashion

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Meet Libby from Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth


I want to introduce you to my new bloggy BFF, Libby from Artistic Expression by Elisabeth. I am super excited to be swapping buttons with her! I just met Libby recently but we have a lot of the same interests. For one she is a crocheter so we are already kindred spirits! She also gardens and posts lots of yummy recipes. She also takes amazing pictures (I think I need some tips!) Check out some of her projects.

It’s a bearded hat!


I love this simple planter makeover.


This dresser makeover with chalk paint is fabulous.


A recipe for a yummy Italian pasta salad.



So go and check out Libby’s blog Artistic Expression by Elisabeth!