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Lake in Punderson State Park

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This past Saturday Mike and I went camping with a group of our friends to Punderson State Park. We used to go camping all the time when I was a kid and I went once with a couple of my girlfriends when I was 19 so I hadn’t been in 11 years. Camping as an adult just seemed like a lot more fun than I remember it :)

To start with Mike and I purchased a new air mattress with built in pump right before we went. He wasn’t too keen on sleeping on the ground and we have been wanting to buy one for a while to have as a spare guest bed.  Mike had an enormous tent he bought before we were together (which we had also never used together and had to air out for a week before we left) and it accommodated our air mattress perfectly. If required an electric hookup, which the campsite had, and our friends brought their extra long extension cord so we filled it up in the tent. It made for a really comfortable nights sleep.

Our one friend called camping at a camp site “car camping” because it’s not real camping unless you hike into the woods in the middle of nowhere to camp. It was an ongoing joke because we all brought  along most of our houses so it didn’t feel like we were lacking any comforts of home. Our friends were especially amused when Mike busted out our French press for coffee in the morning. It actually made sense to bring it since it only requires hot water and no electric hookup.

We did all our cooking on the campfire and it was really good. Particularly the banana boats we had for desert. We took a banana and sliced it in half while it was still in the peel. Then we added marshmallows and chocolate, wrapped the whole thing in foil and warmed it in the fire. It was delicious!

This was also our first night away from our pup Abby since we got her last October. Rufus and Abby went to stay at Grammy's house and they both came home so tired they slept all the next day.

We had such a good time camping I think we might try it again for our upcoming vacation. We are planning on having a “staycation” and checking out the local sights we don’t usually have time for. We might go up to Geneva where there are some local wineries we’ve been wanting to try. There just so happens to be a state park up there so it would be fun to spend a couple nights camping out and sampling wines.

(By the way, the awesome pic has no credit to me. We didn’t get around to taking any pictures :P)

I have scoured every corner of Pinterest for some inspiration and been working through my refashion pile so expect some upcoming refashions this week!

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