Ruffle Tank Top Refashion

ruffle tank refashion

My projects tend to happen in cycles. I work on multiples the same type of project and then I move on to another type. My latest obsession is refashioning. I have a huge pile of clothes that I want to refashion and the pile always seems to grow but never get any smaller. I have made a pact with myself to work through the pile. I also am going to refrain from doing any shopping until I make a dent in the clothes I already have.
This tank top I bought online from Old Navy last summer. I really need to quit buying clothes online. Even though I rarely buy stuff that isn’t an amazing clearance markdown deal, I always find it never fits me quite like I want it to. This tank top was no exception. It was too wide and the length was a little too long. It also was way too low cut and required me to wear something underneath it.


It sat in my closet for a while and then moved to the refashion pile. The other day I picked it up and finally figured out what I wanted to do to make it wearable.


I started by laying another tank top that I liked the fit of on top of the yellow tank.


I drew a line down the sides of the purple tank to make a line to sew down.


Then I used my rotary cutter and a ruler to cut off the bottom of the tank. I unpicked the side seams  to make two pieces to use for ruffles.

I sewed down my newly marked side seams and cut off the extra. I also hemmed the bottom of the shirt using a double needle. It was my first time doing it but I loved the way it came out. It gives the hem a much more professional look. If you need a tutorial, Ashley at Make it Love it has a great tutorial on how to do it.


Next I wanted to make the neckline more modest so I sewed in a piece of white knit from an old t shirt.
I took my two pieces of the bottom of the shirt and ruffled them. Then I sewed them in two layers on the top of the shirt (I somehow forgot to take a pic of this.) I felt like the ruffle was slightly uneven so I made a simple rolled rosette with a leftover scrap of the shirt and a strip off tulle.

tank top refashion

And voila! I have a wearable tank top!

(The color difference in these pics is really strange. The shirt is truer to this color than the before shots. It’s amazing how the light in the room can alter the color of a picture.)

tank top refashion

I love this shirt with my mint jean capris.

tank top refashion

tank top refashion

I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.

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