T-Shirt to Skirt Refashion

t shirt to skirt

I bought this mustard color shirt at the thrift store for 50 cents. I am slightly obsessed with this color right now and even though I already had a mustard tee and tank top I could resist the price. It was a little too big on me but I figured I would just take it in.


I bought it and once I got it home I realized that two mustard tees was one too many so I threw it in the refashion pile and figured I would make something else with it. The other day I was feeling in the skirt mood after I made my blue skirt so I pulled it on the tee to see if it was big enough for my hips and long enough to be a skirt.

After I determined it would work I laid my pencil skirt over the top and drew a line on each side. I sewed up the edges and left the top unhemmed since it was curling over and I liked the way it looked.


It was such a quick project in my excitement to trim off the edges I cut a hole in the side of the skirt! I thought I was going to cry. I quickly recovered and tried to think of a solution. I started by gluing a little patch of scrap to the back of the skirt with fabric glue. It fixed the hole but it was still noticeable.


I still had a bunch of scraps so I decided to make a rolled rosette to cover up the hole. I played around with a couple of types of rosettes before settling on one larger one with two little leafs. I used two strips of scarp and two leaf shapes.


To make my rosette I took too long scraps and used a running stitch to make them one. Then I pulled on the strip to stretch it out and make it a little bit longer and skinnier. I tied a knot at the end and started rolling the strip around the knot, stitching it together as I went to keep the shape.

I sewed the two leaf shapes on with the sewing machine. I had to go back and add a couple of cross stitches to keep the ends of the leaf from curling over.  Then I hand stitched the flower on next to the leaf shapes.


I turned my near project fail into a success! I’m pairing my mustard skirt with blue again because I am loving this combo right now.



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