What’s Blooming In My Garden: Mid July

In the spring my garden was blooming non stop with new flower blooms. Now that we are into the summer I still have lots of flowers blooming but instead of short bursts of color, the blooms last much longer. There are only a few flowers that haven’t started blooming yet but my hydrangea, black eyed Susan and purple coneflower will be blooming for a long time to come.

I have a funny story about these day lilies (or at least a mildly amusing story.) I bought them as bulbs from Walmart. When I bought them I thought they were going to be red. After I planted them and had developed more of my color scheme in the garden I wished I had bought another color. They never really came up the first year because I accidentally planted them upside down. I got a few leaves but no blooms. The next year I was really excited to see them doing so much better. Then I saw the first bloom and it wasn’t red at all. Instead it was this soft peachy color. It was so funny that I had wished I had gotten a different color and I got what I wished for. Although this also led me to the thought that Walmart mispackaged their bulbs and if I actually wanted red I would have been upset.

day lily

day lily (2)

day lily 3

These moonbeam coreopsis are spreaders. I bought them in a tiny quart container last year and this year they tripled in size. I divided them to move them to where they could have more room and I almost killed them. They did not like being moved at all. I had to give them a ton of water and they finally perked back up and are blooming profusely now.

moonbeam coreopsis

Black eyed Susan is another one that likes to spread. They self seed really easily and also branch out on their own. I started out with two little clumps from my mom and now I have two huge clumps. I dug out two little clumps for my neighbor this year to try and keep them under control. I also dug up a few little seedlings and I have been nurturing them to give away to a good home.

black eyed Susan 2

black eyed Susan

I love my purple coneflower. I wish this guy would spread a little more. The flower buds are so interesting. They change shape as they mature. This is a newly opened bud.

purple coneflower

I can’t write a flower garden post without sharing my hydrangea. I just love this flower.


Lastly, my flower annual experiment this year is with Portaluca or moss rose. I bought these planters at Joanns last summer and they dry out super quick. I wanted to find an annual I could plant that didn’t require a lot of water. Through my internet research I came across moss rose. They are succulents so they store a lot of water in the leaves and it makes them more drought resistant. It seemed like the perfect solution to my problem so I filled all my backyard planters with them. Much to my disappointment, they rarely bloom. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m not watering them enough or maybe they are over fertilized or maybe it’s too hot in the backyard. I’m pretty much at a loss. The other day they all started blooming and it lasted for two days. I was so excited and snapped some pics. Most of the blooms are dying off now so hopefully they will come back soon. If you have any experience with these plants I would love to hear about it.

portaluca moss rose

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