Easy DIY Necklace

easy diy necklace-001
The other day I went to Joann’s armed with my 25% off everything coupon. I was looking for some yarn but I can’t resist strolling through the jewelry aisle when I am there. My eyes rested on the new Styled by Tori jewelry line. Personally I think that stuff is way overpriced. To make a necklace you have to buy a top piece, bottom piece and connectors so it ends up costing pretty penny to construct a necklace. Plus the connector pieces look kind of tacky to me. If I wanted to pay that much for a necklace I would just buy a new one.
I still couldn’t help admiring how pretty the bottom pieces of the necklaces are. The whole line was 25% off so I started glancing at the prices. The price of only the bottom piece after the 25% off plus my extra 25% off coupon was actually fairly reasonable. I am a novice jewelry maker at best but I already had chain, jump rings and clasps at home. The wheels started turning and I thought why not use the stuff I already have on hand to make a really cool looking necklace with paying an arm and a leg for the whole Tori system.
So I snatched up the bottom piece of the necklace and it only ended up being $7.30 plus tax. I pulled the rest of the pieces out of my stash once I got home.
I cut two pieces of chain 12 inches each. The bottom part was pretty heavy looking so I doubled up each piece of chain to balance the top half. I opened up the jump ring from the necklace piece and slipped on the chain. Then I added a jump ring to the top of the chain and attached my clasp.
And it was done! It only took me about 10 minutes to make the whole thing and I think it looks amazing! I have been wanting to make something similar to this necklace but it seemed like a big investment to buy all the different types of chain. I love statement necklaces like this because they really dress up an outfit.

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