Fun at the Dog Park


Last week Mike and I were on vacation (I’m actually still on vacation until next Monday.) We stayed at home for a staycation since we are planning a trip to Portland in the fall. One of the days we took our dogs to a local dog park that has a lake. Rufus has been there before and loves to swim but it was the first time for Abby.

When we pulled up Rufus seemed to remember where we were because he started to get really excited. Once we were inside the fence he went straight into the water before Mike even threw his toy in. He loves to play fetch in the water and he is super fast. Occasionally another dog would try to run in after the toy but he always left them in the dust. Since he is so tall he can run most of the way in but he loves swimming too. I brought my camera and got some great shots of him.

Abby was more interested in meeting the other dogs than getting in the water. She did go in after Rufus once and I don’t think she realized what was happening because all the sudden she was swimming for her life and made a sharp u turn to get out of the water fast. It was so funny! After that she wasn’t interested in going back in.

They both had the best time and neither one of the them wanted to leave. They came home and slept the rest of the day. We definitely need to go back more often :)



Throw it again!


Don’t worry I got it







I love it here


Maybe I’ll go in and get that ball


Nope, I changed my mind


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