Third Times a Charm Shirt Refashion

I started this project two summers ago. I had just started refashioning clothes and it was one of the first few I tried. I got this shirt at the thrift store and it was two sizes too big. I loved the colors and the print so I snatched it up. My refashion pile was pretty small back then so it made it’s way to the top very quickly.
Here was my problem. I was a bit inexperienced with refashioning and I made taking in this shirt harder than it had to be. The sleeves were attached strangely and I removed them and took in the shirt. Then I couldn't figure out how to put the sleeves back on because they looked too short. I threw in the towel and this shirt went back into the refashion pile.
Last summer I felt inspired to give it another try. I got the sleeves sewn back on and when I tried on the shirt the arm holes were way to big. I was so frustrated I gave up again.
This summer my pile of refashions has gotten a lot bigger. As I was going through a bag of clothes I forgot about, I found this shirt. I tried it on again to see where it wasn’t working. This time the solution was easy. I just sewed a new side seam with smaller armholes and it was done! I finally got it the third time around.
I don’t have the before picture because I started it before my blog but imagine this shirt being much larger with huge armholes. I had to share this one because it was such a triumph to finally get it done.
I love when I can wear my DIYs to work. I paired this shirt with a cardigan and my white capris that I also refashioned.
refashioned shirt

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