Happy Monday


What a busy weekend for us! Mike and I were non stop the whole time. Friday we went to see our friend’s band The Speedbumps play. They teamed up with the Canton Symphony Orchestra and it was the most amazing show ever. They have an upright base and cello in the band so it was the perfect mix to hear them with a full string orchestra. It was such a blast and Mike got to reconnect with some old friends from high school.


Saturday was our trick or treat. We got together with some of our neighbors and had a three house collaboration with three bowls of candy. As one little girl put it “This is the best house ever!” We had so much fun swapping stories about some of the crazier neighbors on our street. It was a pretty chilly so we didn’t get as big of a turn out as we normally do. It was the first year we’ve ever had leftover candy.

Our adorable neighbor’s kids :)


Sunday we made a two hour drive to Ikea. Ever since we got back from our trip to Portland we have desperately wanted a new mattress. We had been thinking we needed a new one and after sleeping on the hotel bed, we knew we needed to buy one pronto. We also have been wanting to replace out couch so we figured a trip to Ikea was in order. We’ve never been before so we had a fun time walking around. It’s a pretty cool store and the prices are very reasonable. We were pretty restrained though and only bought what we came there for.

Our new couch in pieces.


And completed.


Now that the new couch is in place I feel like we need to do a little rearranging and updating of our accessories. We also had a fabulous sleep on out new mattress. I actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning instead of achy and stiff.

After our Ikea trip we took my dad out to dinner for his birthday at a local Thai/Chinese place. It was definitely a busy day for us.



This upcoming week is going to be interesting with Sandy hitting. We live in Ohio and we are supposed to have tons of rain and crazy winds from it. I really wasn’t aware that the storm would be affecting us that much until we watched the news last night and they talked about nothing else but the storm. I have to say I’m glad I don’t live in New York City right now because are supposed to be getting hit pretty bad. My sister and uncle live down in DC so I’m hoping they won’t get the worst of it. It’s pretty crazy to watch the radar and see the size of the “Frankenstorm.”  If you are anywhere is the path of the storm I hope you stay safe!

Crochet Baby Turban Hat

crochet baby turban hat

crochet baby turban hat

I found the most adorable hat pattern at This Mama Makes Stuff. I knew I had to make it. My friend has a nine month old daughter who I thought would be a perfect recipient of this hat.

Since the pattern is written for a newborn I had to make a couple of modifications to make it a little larger. I added an extra row of increases and two extra rows to the length. I actually could have only added one extra row because it was a little long in the back. What’s great about this pattern is that it is cinched in the front so it still fit.

I also used DK weight yarn so I used an H hook to make the stitches a little bigger to accommodate for the thinner yarn.

I love love love this pattern! I really want to make one for myself next. It would be really easy to make the hat larger for an adult sized head.

Having a baby mini photo shoot in the evening when it’s getting dark is pretty challenging. Especially when it’s a bouncy nine month old :)



IMG_2983 - Copy
Playing with picture effects :P

Jewelry Making With a Kit

Prima Bead contacted me recently to review one of the products from their website. They are a newer jewelry making supply website that’s parent company is Cousin. I received this Jewelry Class in a Box with the supplies in it to make three necklaces and three pairs of earrings.
The contents contains everything you need to make the jewelry but I also ended up using a second pair of pliers. There is a book that gives you simple instructions on how to make each piece. I especially liked the piece of foam that helps to prevent the jewelry pieces from sliding around.
I found the projects to be fairly simple for the moderate beginner that I am. It was fun to make the jewelry without having to think of how to design a piece and which supplies I needed. There was a lot of loop making involved in these pieces that I might not have tried on my own. I feel like it really helped me to get the hang of bending the wire. I made all six pieces over the course of the weekend and it took me around a few hours total for everything.
I would definitely buy another ones of these kits. This one would not have been my first choice in design but there are lots of other really cute ones on the site. Prima Bead also offers free USA shipping (yeah!) and volume discounts. There are tons of other jewelry making supplies on the site and the prices seem very reasonable.
I’m excited about my new jewelry creations and it gives me the bug to make some more.

This one was my favorite. I love how it looks with my mustard cardigan.

Prima Bead provided the supplies for this project. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Our Trip to Portland Part II


I mentioned the other day that Mike and I just got pack from a trip to Portland Oregon. The best part of our trip was walking through the forest that is inside the city and going to the International Rose Test Garden and Japanese Garden. We hoofed it on day that rained the entire time but we were prepared with our rain gear and it was still amazing. The scenery was breathtaking.

This is part of the path we used when we walked out of the city and up the hill to the gardens.


The rose garden made me giddy. I love gardening and could have just lived in that rose garden for the rest of my life. There were so many different kinds of roses, I had no idea there were so many varieties. It seemed like each one more more beautiful than the last. There were orange, yellow, pink, red, purple, two tone and more. I’ve never seen a purple rose before and I was way too excited about it. We lucked out too that there hadn’t been any frost in the area yet so the roses were still blooming.





This is an awesome shot of the downtown peeking through the trees. There were tons of evergreens so it was still so green out there especially compared to Ohio where it’s fall colors everywhere.


The Japanese gardens were so serene. Supposedly it’s the largest Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. There were tons of beautiful water features. I wish I could pick one of them up and stick in in my back yard.




Mike did an awesome job with these pictures. We had an amazing time discovering Portland and hopefully we will get to go back some day. I would have loved to make it out to the mountains and the coast so we still have lots we could discover on a future trip.

Our Trip to Portland


Mike and I just got back from a trip to Portland to go to the wedding for Mike’s best friend from high school who was also the best man in our wedding. We haven’t been on a plane since our honeymoon seven years ago so this was a big vacation for us.

We had the best time walking around Portland and getting to know the city. It’s huge compared to Cleveland Ohio and the area is thriving. It also rains there all the time and unfortunately we showed up right in time for a storm. We were prepared though with our rain gear so we trekked through the rain anyway.

I would definitely want to make another trip to the Portland or the pacific northwest area. It’s so beautiful and we could have stayed another week to discover more of the area.

Down by the river front.


We went to the International Rose Test Garden and I was completely obsessed with the roses. I took a zillion pics and this one was my favorite.


Here’s us in our rain gear.


The scenery was amazing.


The area is know for it’s coffee so we had to try some (and a tasty macaroon.)


The main reason we were there was for the wedding and it was so much fun. It was one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever been too.


All these pics were taking with my new iphone 5. I think they came out pretty good. I’ll save this post from getting too picture intensive and post the pics Mike took with our DSLR separately.

Flare Leg to Skinny Leg Cords

flare leg to skinny leg maroon cords

I am loving the colored pants trend right now. The only problem is that there are too many colors I like! More colors means more money and I wanted another pair on the cheap so I hit up the thrift store to try and find one.

I scored a pair of maroon flare cords for only $1.75. They were in great shape and nice and stretchy. They weren’t that bad as flare legs but I really wanted another pair of skinnies so I decided to give them some new seams. This is by far my favorite type of refashion to sew. I have been trying to figure out how to take in a lined blazer for Mike and it has been much more challenging than I thought it would be. This was a nice change of pace for me since I know exactly what I’m doing.


I started out by tracing a pair of better fitting skinnies on top but they turned out to not be skinny enough. I kept trying the pants on and taking the seam in further until I got the look I wanted. Since skinnies are meant to be shorter than flares I ended up hemming them about an inch shorter. I wanted to be able to wear them with heels, flats and boots without bunching at the ankles.

Many seams later I had a new pair of skinny maroon cords. They are the perfect color for fall. I put together a couple of outfits to figure out what clothes in my closet I could wear them with.

Simple around the house outfit.
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

Good weekend running around outfit
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

Date night with the hubby outfit
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

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Crochet Slouchy Beret

crochet slouchy beret, hat

I am so excited to be sharing this slouchy beret with you. I had the honor of testing this pattern for Hanni at Hannicraft. She is such a talented pattern designer. I love the detail in this pattern! It’s more intricate than I would have created on my own but she had great pictures that helped me to figure it out. Once I finished the center the rest was pretty easy.

I made another version but I didn’t like the colors I used so I made a special trip to Joann’s to buy myself some pretty yarn. The pattern called for DK weight yarn and I usually buy worsted weight. I found this  Patons Silk Bamboo Yarn and I fell in love with it. It’s so soft! I splurged a little on it (of course I used my 40% off coupon) but it was worth it. I used an H hook and it came out perfect. I have been wanting a new slouchy hat for a while.

Thanks to Hanni for letting me test her pattern. If you would like to buy a copy for yourself you can find in Hanni’s etsy shop or on Ravelry.

crochet slouchy beret, hat

crochet slouchy beret, hat

crochet slouchy beret, hat

crochet slouchy beret, hat

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Desk Redo

Desk Redo, refinish

I’m very excited to be sharing the first furniture redo by Mike on the blog. He has been refinishing furniture in our house forever but this is the first time I actually got a before picture. If we go through all the pieces in the house at half of them have been touched my him in some way.

We recently sold our barely used enormous L shaped desk. We wanted something smaller and I thought of a desk as my Dad’s house that was also barely used. It definitely had been well loved and was in need of refinishing. We both loved the clean lines and knew it could be transformed into something awesome.




As you can see from this pics the finish on this desk was pretty rough. Mike used stripper to take off the finish and then sanded the entire desk down to make it smooth. It already started to look like a different desk when it was all sanded down. I was actually surprised at how nice the wood was because I was a bit skeptical at what it was going to look like sanded down.



The plan was to replace the hardware on the desk to update it. The old handles weren’t a standard size so Mike had to fill in the old holes and drill new ones. Since he already had to do the work he opted to use knobs for the drawers and a handle for the middle one.


A couple of coats of dark stain plus poly and the desk was done. Ok, I am completely oversimplifying what it takes to refinish a desk. Mike tried to explain all the steps it takes to refinish a piece of furniture and I was in awe of what he does. Maybe one day I will get a step by step out of him but he’s usually in the zone when he’s working on a project. My camera and never ending questions usually interrupt his focus :)
After all Mike’s hard work it turned out fabulous. I am love with it now! It’s so much nicer than if we had bought a piece from the furniture store and it has way more sentimental value since it has been in family for a long time and was restored by my amazing husband.

desk redo, refinish

desk redo, refinish

desk redo, refinish

desk redo, refinish

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