Flare Leg to Skinny Leg Cords

flare leg to skinny leg maroon cords

I am loving the colored pants trend right now. The only problem is that there are too many colors I like! More colors means more money and I wanted another pair on the cheap so I hit up the thrift store to try and find one.

I scored a pair of maroon flare cords for only $1.75. They were in great shape and nice and stretchy. They weren’t that bad as flare legs but I really wanted another pair of skinnies so I decided to give them some new seams. This is by far my favorite type of refashion to sew. I have been trying to figure out how to take in a lined blazer for Mike and it has been much more challenging than I thought it would be. This was a nice change of pace for me since I know exactly what I’m doing.


I started out by tracing a pair of better fitting skinnies on top but they turned out to not be skinny enough. I kept trying the pants on and taking the seam in further until I got the look I wanted. Since skinnies are meant to be shorter than flares I ended up hemming them about an inch shorter. I wanted to be able to wear them with heels, flats and boots without bunching at the ankles.

Many seams later I had a new pair of skinny maroon cords. They are the perfect color for fall. I put together a couple of outfits to figure out what clothes in my closet I could wear them with.

Simple around the house outfit.
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

Good weekend running around outfit
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

Date night with the hubby outfit
flare leg to skinny maroon cords

I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.

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