Happy Monday


What a busy weekend for us! Mike and I were non stop the whole time. Friday we went to see our friend’s band The Speedbumps play. They teamed up with the Canton Symphony Orchestra and it was the most amazing show ever. They have an upright base and cello in the band so it was the perfect mix to hear them with a full string orchestra. It was such a blast and Mike got to reconnect with some old friends from high school.


Saturday was our trick or treat. We got together with some of our neighbors and had a three house collaboration with three bowls of candy. As one little girl put it “This is the best house ever!” We had so much fun swapping stories about some of the crazier neighbors on our street. It was a pretty chilly so we didn’t get as big of a turn out as we normally do. It was the first year we’ve ever had leftover candy.

Our adorable neighbor’s kids :)


Sunday we made a two hour drive to Ikea. Ever since we got back from our trip to Portland we have desperately wanted a new mattress. We had been thinking we needed a new one and after sleeping on the hotel bed, we knew we needed to buy one pronto. We also have been wanting to replace out couch so we figured a trip to Ikea was in order. We’ve never been before so we had a fun time walking around. It’s a pretty cool store and the prices are very reasonable. We were pretty restrained though and only bought what we came there for.

Our new couch in pieces.


And completed.


Now that the new couch is in place I feel like we need to do a little rearranging and updating of our accessories. We also had a fabulous sleep on out new mattress. I actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning instead of achy and stiff.

After our Ikea trip we took my dad out to dinner for his birthday at a local Thai/Chinese place. It was definitely a busy day for us.



This upcoming week is going to be interesting with Sandy hitting. We live in Ohio and we are supposed to have tons of rain and crazy winds from it. I really wasn’t aware that the storm would be affecting us that much until we watched the news last night and they talked about nothing else but the storm. I have to say I’m glad I don’t live in New York City right now because are supposed to be getting hit pretty bad. My sister and uncle live down in DC so I’m hoping they won’t get the worst of it. It’s pretty crazy to watch the radar and see the size of the “Frankenstorm.”  If you are anywhere is the path of the storm I hope you stay safe!

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