Our Trip to Portland Part II


I mentioned the other day that Mike and I just got pack from a trip to Portland Oregon. The best part of our trip was walking through the forest that is inside the city and going to the International Rose Test Garden and Japanese Garden. We hoofed it on day that rained the entire time but we were prepared with our rain gear and it was still amazing. The scenery was breathtaking.

This is part of the path we used when we walked out of the city and up the hill to the gardens.


The rose garden made me giddy. I love gardening and could have just lived in that rose garden for the rest of my life. There were so many different kinds of roses, I had no idea there were so many varieties. It seemed like each one more more beautiful than the last. There were orange, yellow, pink, red, purple, two tone and more. I’ve never seen a purple rose before and I was way too excited about it. We lucked out too that there hadn’t been any frost in the area yet so the roses were still blooming.





This is an awesome shot of the downtown peeking through the trees. There were tons of evergreens so it was still so green out there especially compared to Ohio where it’s fall colors everywhere.


The Japanese gardens were so serene. Supposedly it’s the largest Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. There were tons of beautiful water features. I wish I could pick one of them up and stick in in my back yard.




Mike did an awesome job with these pictures. We had an amazing time discovering Portland and hopefully we will get to go back some day. I would have loved to make it out to the mountains and the coast so we still have lots we could discover on a future trip.

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