Our Trip to Portland


Mike and I just got back from a trip to Portland to go to the wedding for Mike’s best friend from high school who was also the best man in our wedding. We haven’t been on a plane since our honeymoon seven years ago so this was a big vacation for us.

We had the best time walking around Portland and getting to know the city. It’s huge compared to Cleveland Ohio and the area is thriving. It also rains there all the time and unfortunately we showed up right in time for a storm. We were prepared though with our rain gear so we trekked through the rain anyway.

I would definitely want to make another trip to the Portland or the pacific northwest area. It’s so beautiful and we could have stayed another week to discover more of the area.

Down by the river front.


We went to the International Rose Test Garden and I was completely obsessed with the roses. I took a zillion pics and this one was my favorite.


Here’s us in our rain gear.


The scenery was amazing.


The area is know for it’s coffee so we had to try some (and a tasty macaroon.)


The main reason we were there was for the wedding and it was so much fun. It was one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever been too.


All these pics were taking with my new iphone 5. I think they came out pretty good. I’ll save this post from getting too picture intensive and post the pics Mike took with our DSLR separately.

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