Crochet Puff Stitch Beanie Pattern

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Crochet puff stitch beanie hat free pattern

Crochet puff stitch beanie hat free pattern

I am completely in love with the puff stitch. It is my favorite new crochet stitch hands down. I recently re-discovered this stitch. One of my first ever crocheted hats and a couple of rows of puff stitch in it. My inexperienced hands couldn’t grasp how to do it without a struggle and I thought I would never use it again.

The other day one of my friends was wearing a beanie on Facebook with a puffy looking stitch. I was in love and went on a quest for a similar stitch pattern. My first attempt was with the bobble stitch. The bobble pops out to the outside of the work and I couldn’t quite get the hang of it when I tried it on a hat. Then I discovered the puff stitch. There are a couple of different variations on the size of the puff. The one that worked the best for me is made of three half double crochets. I felt like the size worked and it was the easiest to maneuver my hook through seven loops instead of nine. Using a J hook also made it easy to work.

I found this amazing video by Theresa Richardson to understand how to puff stitch in the round. She uses four half double crochets to make the stitch but the concept is still the same. If you prefer looking at pictures this tutorial from the Crochet Spot is also helpful.

I based my pattern off of this one at Crochet Geek. Theresa has a really good way of increasing in the round without showing a seam. I made two versions of this hat and I didn’t follow her technique on one of them there was a huge difference in the size of seam.

I used two different types of yarn for my two hats. This beanie I made with Red Heart Super Saver that I had leftover from a previous project. I’m really not that impressed with this yarn. It comes in a zillion colors and is really reasonably priced but I felt like the quality of the yarn is just not as good as Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn. This is what I used on the other hat. It is still reasonable priced but it just looked nicer. It was softer and held the shape of the stitch better. I have used both kinds on previous hats but I will be sticking to the Loops and Threads Impeccable for future projects.

On to the pattern! I will be posting my second version with an added brim on Wednesday. Find it here.

Worsted Weight Yarn
J hook
Tapestry needle
Sized for 19-22 inch women’s head.

PS= 3 half double crochet puff stitch (Video that shows a 4 half double crochet puff stitch)
CH= Chain
SC= Single crochet
SS= slip stitch

Ch 5. Join with SS to first chain.
Row 1:  (PS, CH 1 into center of ring) 5 times. PS, SC into first PS to join (6 PS CH 1)
Row 2:  PS, CH 1 into same same space. (PS, CH 1, PS, CH 1 into each CH 1 space) 5 times. PS into beginning CH 1 space. SC to beginning PS to join. (12 PS CH 1)
Row 3:  PS, CH 1 in the same space, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space, (PS, CH 1, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space) 5 times. PS in the beginning CH 1 space. SC in beginning PS to join.  (18 PS Ch1)
Row 4: PS, CH 1 in the same space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 SP (PS, CH 1, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space, PS, CH 1 in the next Ch 1 space) 5 times. PS in the beginning CH 1 space, SC in beginning PS to join. (24 PS Ch1)
Row 5:  PS, CH 1 in the same space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 SP. PS, Ch 1 in the next CH 1 space. (PS, CH 1, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space. PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 SP, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space, PS, CH 1 in the next CH 1 space) 5 times. PS in the beginning CH 1 space, SC in beginning PS to join. (30 PS CH 1)
Row 6-12:  PS Ch 1 in the same space, 1 Puff Stitch in each CH 1 space around. SC in beginning PS to join (30 PS CH 1)
Row 13:  CH 1. SC in each PS and CH 1 space. SS to first SC to join.
Row 14-17:  SC in each SC around. SS to first Sc to join.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Crochet puff stitch beanie hat free pattern

Crochet puff stitch beanie hat free pattern

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