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I have been using Intense Debate for some time now for my comments instead of the standard Blogger commenting. The whole reason I switched is because many of my commenters were “no reply” which means your email address isn’t attached to your comment. I wanted to be able to communicate with my commenters and this was so frustrating.

I did a bunch of research about the best type of comments to use. It boiled down to two choices: Disqus and Intense Debate. I read all kinds of other blogger’s opinions and I ultimately decided to go with Disqus. The only problem was I couldn’t get it to install onto Blogger so my obvious second choice was Intense Debate. I did like that it has Comment Luv so commenters can share their recent blog posts.

After having Intense Debate for over a year here are my thoughts on it:

Every time I change my template I have to reinstall it since I have it embedded in my code. It’s a fairly easy process but it’s kind of annoying when I forget because then my comments are messed up until I correct it.

If I wanted to, I feel like I can’t go back to Blogger comments because I will lose all of my Intense Debate comments from the majority of my posts.

I recently discovered that I am not actually emailing my responses to my comments. I was sure that if I added a reply on my blog that it was getting sent out to the commenter. I did a test comment today with my second email address and then replied on my blog. I never received a notification for it. Maybe I should have already realized this was happening but I really didn’t know.

I just want you to know that I respond to almost all of my comments and I was pretty disappointed to know that you probably didn’t even realize it. So now that I’ve made this discovery I know to respond to your email address so you will know that I got your comment and I appreciate it!

I am debating whether to also try and post the reply to the blog. (I think this can be done.) Do you like reading comments on blogs? Would you like to see my responses to my commenters?

Thank you to all of my lovely readers and all of you that comment. Comments are the highlight of my day and I love hearing from you!

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