DIY Color Block Necklace

DIY color block necklace easy

Oh how I love making jewelry! I am still learning but it gets easier every time I make a new necklace. This necklace was actually pretty easy to make. I practiced a new technique by using crimp beads. It was the most challenging part of the whole necklace because I never used them before. Still the easy factor was pretty high for this one.

I started out with these beads from Prima Bead. It’s the 15 pc graduated frosted glass strand in light teal and blue. I meant to take a picture of the strands but in my excitement to create, I totally forgot so these are straight from the website. This necklace would also work well with two strands in the same color.


15pc Graduated Frosted Glass Strand- Light Teal
15pc Graduated Frosted Glass Strand- Blue
I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with these beads until I started laying them out. I played around with an arrangement on my bead board until I liked how it turned out.


I also used a little piece of chain, beading wire, three jump rings and two crimp beads.


I started by attaching a crimp bead to one end of the beading wire. I’m not pretending to be an expert on this so you can check out Flamingo Toes for a tutorial on adding crimp beads plus other jewelry tutorials.


Then I strung all the beads on and added a crimp bead to the other side to close it off. (This was actually the only tough part to try and not leave an extra piece of wire.) I added a jump ring to each side and attached a small piece of chain and a clasp. I didn’t bother using the second piece of the clasp because the chain is large enough to hook into and it makes the necklace adjustable.


And it’s done! I wore it to work the other day with this sweater and got a compliment! It made me really happy :)

DIY color block necklace easy

Thank you to Prima Bead for providing me the beads for free. All opinions and creativity in this post were 100% mine.

DIY color block necklace easy

These beads took on a completely different look when I photographed them in the light.

DIY color block necklace easy

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