Easy 10 Minute Necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

I have been on a big jewelry making kick. I sat down at my craft table the other day and just started making necklaces. Once I pulled out all my jewelry making supplies I was on a roll. When it comes to jewelry making I like simple. I am still learning how to bend wire and I get easily frustrated so I want to be able to complete a project quickly while it still holds my attention. This project is beyond simple and you don’t need to have any jewelry making skills to complete it. This could be a super easy last minute Christmas gift too!
I started with this chain from Prima Bead. I love the texture of it. I originally wanted to add smaller chain to it but I didn’t have one that matched right so I decided to use ribbon instead. This chain stands out on its own so it didn’t need any embellishing to turn it into a necklace. I went with gray ribbon to keep it neutral but colored ribbon would also look great too.


I grabbed my hot glue gun and warmed it up. I gut two piece of ribbon about 18 inches long. I ran a lighter quickly over the ends to singe them and prevent fraying.

I slid the ribbon threw one of the end chains and added a drop of hot glue.


Then I folded the ribbon over to seal and repeated on the other side.


Done! Wasn’t that easy? It took longer for the hot glue to warm up then it did for me to make this necklace :) I love how the ribbon makes it adjustable too so I can wear it short or longer.

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Disclaimer: The chain was provided to me by Prima Bead. All opinions and creativity are my own.

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