2012 Top Project Posts


Happy Almost New Years! I am going to jump on the blogging band wagon and do a wrap up of my most popular projects for the year. This was my first full year of blogging and I have learned so much this year. I think my posts have improved leaps and bounds. My picture taking skills are so much better and so is my writing. My followers have grown through the year to the point where I feel like I have a little piece of the blog world to myself. Thanks for following and actually caring about what I have to say! You make me feel special :)

Here’s a look at what I was working on this year.

#1 My most popular post of the year (and all time) is my Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern. I made this cute little hat for my friend’s daughter in February.

Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern

#2 My next most popular post is the Crochet Football Helmet Hat I made for Mike. I get a ton of search traffic from this pattern too.

Crochet football helmet hat pattern, Browns

#3 is my Flare Leg to Skinny Leg refashion. The popularity of this post surprised me a little since I felt like this was a simple project.

turn a flare leg into a skinny leg capri refashion


#4 is my Diaper Cake Tutorial. This one is partly a sensation because an Italian blog linked to it in a diaper cake round up post. It makes me feel pretty worldly.

Diaper Cake Tutorial

#5 is my favorite project of the year, my Dress Refashion. This one makes me feel like I took my refashioning skills up a notch.

dress refashion


Now I’m going to add five of my favorites in no particular order.


DIY Bow Shoe Clips. I wear this pair of shoes at work all the time and I didn’t like them before I added these cute clips.


Fake Flower Headband Tutorial. I gave this headband to my sister but I kind of wish I kept it for myself :)

flower headband

Crochet Headband with Interchangeable Flowers. I love how this project turned out.

crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

Easy DIY Necklace. Easy is always good!

easy diy necklace-001

Crochet Puff Stitch Beanie Pattern. This is one of my more recent projects but I love this hat and I wear it all the time. I think I need more if different colors.

crochet puff stitch beanie pattern hat free

Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas! I am spending this Christmas Eve finishing up a few last minute crocheted gifts. Nothing like working under pressure! I have a few more gifts to wrap too but the bulk of it is done.

Mike and I started making Christmas cookies last night on a whim. We weren’t going to make anything but ultimately decided to get in the spirit and make cream wafers. I got the recipe from one of my co-workers and they are so tasty! I will share the recipe in an upcoming post.

We are having Christmas dinner at our house again this year. We will spend the morning with Mike’s family and then my family will be over in the evening. I think we will have around 15 people over. We are really getting the hang of having large get togethers! We are making ham, shrimp cocktail, veggie lasagna and mac and cheese. The rest is coming with our guests.

I’m not sure when I will get my next post out but expect to see all the crochet presents I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!

DIY Faceted Bead Necklace

DIY Faceted Bead Necklace Easy

DIY Faceted Bead Necklace Easy

Remember how I told you I was on a jewelry kick? Well I’m rounding out the week with a third necklace. I modeled this one after one of my favorite simple black necklaces. The length is perfect to wear with almost everything and it’s simple enough that it doesn’t overpower an outfit. This will be a an office staple for me.
I have had some faceted black beads for awhile that I bought at Michaels. I have tried to figure out what I wanted to to with them in the past but I didn’t have any beads I thought would work in between. Enter these round glass beads from Prima Bead. I had a bunch leftover from my first project with them and they were the perfect combination.


I decided to use beading string for this project since I was starting to run low on beading wire. I also used two jump rings, a lobster clasp, and two connectors. I have no idea what they are called but they are meant to be used to cover up knots. Also not pictured is e6000 glue and jewelry pliers.


To use the connector I cut a piece of string, with plenty of length for my necklace. I slid the connector onto the string and tied a knot. I put a tiny dab of e6000 glue onto the knot and closed the round end with my pliers over the knot. Then I closed the loop at the top so it would be ready for a jump ring.


Next I strung all of my beads onto the thread and added the same connector to the other end. It’s kind of tricky tying the knot at the other side so you don’t have a bunch of extra string so I haven’t quite mastered that part yet.


I added a jump ring to each connector and connected the clasp to the jump rings to finish it off.


Here’s how I wore my finished product to work the other day.

DIY Faceted Bead Necklace Easy

Disclaimer: I received the round beads from Prima Bead. All opinions and creativity are my own.

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DIY Anthro Inspired Necklace

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Knockoff necklace

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Knockoff necklace

You may not be a stranger to the Stormy Seas Necklace that used to be offered at Anthropologie. It is all over the blogging world and knockoffs can easily be found on etsy. I bought a mint version for myself on Groop Dealz a couple of months ago and I love it.

I have been wanting to make a version of my own and when I found these teardrop beads at Prima Bead I knew what I wanted to do with them. The site didn’t specify how big they would be so I was happy when I got them that they weren’t the super enormous size.


I also used these round glass beads to make the necklace. There were tons of them so I have lots leftover for other projects too.


The original necklace used gold beads but wanted to try a different take on it so these black beads were perfect.

I lined my two beads up to get a feel for how I wanted to place them. I originally wanted to use a jump ring to attach the teardrops but the hole was too low to make that work so I opted to string them onto beading wire next to the round beads.

I ended up using four round beads to start and end each strand with two round beads in between the teardrops. I used all the teardrop beads except for one. I tweaked the design a little after I took this picture.


Other supplies I needed were beading wire, jump rings, crimp beads, ribbon and pliers.


I attached the beading wire to one of the jump rings with a crimp bead and started stringing the first strand. I attached a second jump ring to the other end with another crimp bead.


Next I strung the second strand by attaching it to the same two jump rings with crimp beads. I discovered I wanted a smaller jump ring than I originally picked out at this point so you may notice two different sizes in these pictures.


To attached the ribbon, I tied a simple knot to cover the jump ring and a second knot to secure it. Then I used a dab of hot glue to secure the tail of the ribbon of the back of the knot. This will also prevent the knot from coming undone.

Since I used ribbon the necklace can be adjusted longer or shorter but I prefer the shorter look it. This will be easy to pair with pretty much anything in my closet :)

I love these teardrop beads and I could definitely see a future project with them since they come in green, teal, red, white, purple, yellow, amber, brown and clear too.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Knockoff necklace

Disclaimer: I received the beads from Prima Bead. All opinions and creativity are my own.

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Easy 10 Minute Necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

I have been on a big jewelry making kick. I sat down at my craft table the other day and just started making necklaces. Once I pulled out all my jewelry making supplies I was on a roll. When it comes to jewelry making I like simple. I am still learning how to bend wire and I get easily frustrated so I want to be able to complete a project quickly while it still holds my attention. This project is beyond simple and you don’t need to have any jewelry making skills to complete it. This could be a super easy last minute Christmas gift too!
I started with this chain from Prima Bead. I love the texture of it. I originally wanted to add smaller chain to it but I didn’t have one that matched right so I decided to use ribbon instead. This chain stands out on its own so it didn’t need any embellishing to turn it into a necklace. I went with gray ribbon to keep it neutral but colored ribbon would also look great too.


I grabbed my hot glue gun and warmed it up. I gut two piece of ribbon about 18 inches long. I ran a lighter quickly over the ends to singe them and prevent fraying.

I slid the ribbon threw one of the end chains and added a drop of hot glue.


Then I folded the ribbon over to seal and repeated on the other side.


Done! Wasn’t that easy? It took longer for the hot glue to warm up then it did for me to make this necklace :) I love how the ribbon makes it adjustable too so I can wear it short or longer.

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Easy 10 minute diy necklace

Disclaimer: The chain was provided to me by Prima Bead. All opinions and creativity are my own.

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Just Checking In


I don’t know where this week has gone. Every night I start writing up a blog post tutorial but it never gets done. Too much to do, not enough time. I spent my normal blogging time this week going crazy on making necklaces. I was in the zone. I made three that I liked, one that I didn’t and almost finished one more. One will be a Christmas gift and the others are just for me :)

I am working on crocheting up a hat and scarf for my sister with an awesome variegated yarn I am in love with. I also started a pair of leg warmers for myself that is only partially finished. Plus I still need to share the latest ear warmer I made. I keep forgetting to get a good picture when it is actually light out (which isn’t very often these days.)

My Christmas shopping is almost done. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend and then I can focus on wrapping. I actually feel a little ahead of the game for myself this year.

So here is a sneak peak of the necklaces I’ve been working on. Tutorials coming soon!





DIY Color Block Necklace

DIY color block necklace easy

Oh how I love making jewelry! I am still learning but it gets easier every time I make a new necklace. This necklace was actually pretty easy to make. I practiced a new technique by using crimp beads. It was the most challenging part of the whole necklace because I never used them before. Still the easy factor was pretty high for this one.

I started out with these beads from Prima Bead. It’s the 15 pc graduated frosted glass strand in light teal and blue. I meant to take a picture of the strands but in my excitement to create, I totally forgot so these are straight from the website. This necklace would also work well with two strands in the same color.


15pc Graduated Frosted Glass Strand- Light Teal
15pc Graduated Frosted Glass Strand- Blue
I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with these beads until I started laying them out. I played around with an arrangement on my bead board until I liked how it turned out.


I also used a little piece of chain, beading wire, three jump rings and two crimp beads.


I started by attaching a crimp bead to one end of the beading wire. I’m not pretending to be an expert on this so you can check out Flamingo Toes for a tutorial on adding crimp beads plus other jewelry tutorials.


Then I strung all the beads on and added a crimp bead to the other side to close it off. (This was actually the only tough part to try and not leave an extra piece of wire.) I added a jump ring to each side and attached a small piece of chain and a clasp. I didn’t bother using the second piece of the clasp because the chain is large enough to hook into and it makes the necklace adjustable.


And it’s done! I wore it to work the other day with this sweater and got a compliment! It made me really happy :)

DIY color block necklace easy

Thank you to Prima Bead for providing me the beads for free. All opinions and creativity in this post were 100% mine.

DIY color block necklace easy

These beads took on a completely different look when I photographed them in the light.

DIY color block necklace easy

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Christmas Mantel

Part two of my Christmas decorations. I love how the mantel turned out this year. Mike did an awesome job arranging it. The two candle pillars on each end give it great height. We decorate with them year round and it’s nice to incorporate some of our every day d├ęcor into the Christmas decorating.

Christmas mantel

Christmas mantel

This silver sprays are a fun addition to the mantel this year. I picked them up at a garage sale over the summer. They add a nice touch to the ornament vase. We used the ornaments in the vases last year too. I didn’t even bother taking the ornaments out of the vase when I stored them.

Christmas mantel, ornaments in a vase

Christmas mantel, ornaments in a vase

It feels so cozy to be all decorated. We had our first fire of the season the other night. It’s really feels like Christmas time now. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by.

I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done except for a couple of gifts I am scratching my head over. There still will be plenty of wrapping for me to do. Maybe this year I will actually get it done early instead of scrambling to wrap at the last second like I usually do :)

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