DIY Pink Beaded Necklace


I made this necklace back in December when I was on a jewelry kick. I got these pink beads from Prima Bead. It took me while to figure out what I wanted to do with them. They were big enough to make a statement on their own so I didn’t want to make anything too enormous.


I decided to stretch my jewelry making capabilities and string them together with eye pins. I also used these clear seed beads from my stash.


I took an eye pin and put on one seed bead, the pink bead and another seed bead. Then I put a loop on the other end. I am still unsure of myself when it comes to making loops but I was feeling pretty good by the end of this.


I laid the pink beads out on my jewelry tray and used the seed beads mixed with long pearl beads to increase the length of the necklace.


To put it all together, I connected the pink beads with the loops. I attached each end of to a jump ring and then I used a piece of beading wire and crimp beads to attach the jump ring. I finished each end of with another jump ring and attached a lobster clasp.

In my designing haze I neglected to take a picture of these steps but it was similar to what I did with this necklace except I added the lobster clasp to the end instead of a piece of chain.

This necklace is a nice addition to my collection because I don’t have any good pink necklaces. The length is perfect to wear with my various v-neck cardigans.




Thank you to Prima Bead for providing me the pink beads for free. All opinions and creativity in this post were 100% mine.

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