DIY Polka Dot Belt Redo


I’m off work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day today. It’s the best thing about working for a bank :) We get all the federal holidays off so it’s like extra vacation days. I got a chance to get a bunch of project pictures today before it got gray and snow stormy outside.

I love to pick up super cheap belts at the thrift store. I found this pink flowered one for under a dollar. A couple of weeks later I found the exact same belt in blues and greens and I liked the colors much better. This actually looks cuter in the picture than it did in real life. I really like this style of belt to wear to hold up my jeans but still be smooth to wear under shirts if I’m not trying to make a fashion statement by showing off my belt.


I was doing a belt cleanup and this one ended up in my refashion pile. I really wanted to experiment with fabric paint and I thought this would be a good way to dip my toe in without a major commitment. I bought a pack of tubes of fabric paint at Walmart. Ignore the fact that the tube in the picture is silver. I didn’t like the way the silver looked on the black so I ended up using gold instead.

I also used a sponge (if I had a foam brush I would have used that instead), a pencil and a small brush.


I put a little black paint on a disposable plate and wiped it on with the sponge. It covered pretty well so I only needed one coat. I did a little piece of the back to cover over the pattern but I didn’t do the whole thing.


I let the paint dry for a couple of days before I started on the polka dots. It may dry quicker than that but I didn’t have the time to finish it. I practiced stamping dots with a pencil eraser on a scrap piece of fabric to get a feel for how the dots would look. I tried a couple of different colors before I decided the gold was my best option.

I started stamping on the back to get an idea of how far apart I wanted the dots to be. I started by measuring 1/2 inch apart but after I got the hang of the stamping I just eyeballed it.


I let the belt dry for a couple more days before it was ready to wear. The paint did make it a little stiffer than it used to be but it will still flexible enough to wear.

I really like the way it came out and now I’m ready to put polka dots on everything :)




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