My 2013 Goals



I am not much for making New Year’s resolutions. Usually by February whatever my resolution was in January doesn’t seem that important anymore. Something else becomes more of a priority or I don’t have the will power to follow through. Instead of making any resolutions, I’m listing some goals for the next three months. Anything past three months and I may lose interest.

I’ve got some bloggy goals and some personal goals so bloggy goals first.

1. Start “What I Wore Wednesday” posts. I’m a crafty blogger and I follow lots of crafty blogs but I really enjoy reading fashion blogs too. Not the high end, expensive clothing blogs, but the down to earth blogs of ladies with style I can relate to. I love the idea of remixing and I find tons of inspiration from other bloggers that thrift, refashion and shop at places like Target and Old Navy. I never thought of myself as that fashionable until I started incorporating all my new found fashion sense into my outfits and I want to show it off.

I’ve been a little hesitant about blogging about my outfits for a couple of months because I don’t have a great place to take pictures and it’s dark when I get up and when I come home. I got a light scoop for Christmas that helps me to take better indoor pictures so I’m going for it. I now have to obsessively take a picture of my outfit when I get home from work, much to Mike’s confusion :)

2. Do more sewing. I have been neglecting my sewing machine for my crochet hooks and I want to get back to the pedal. I have been wanting to make new pillows for our couch for over two months and I have a refashion pile that never gets any smaller.

3. Start an etsy shop. I have been wanting to do this forever and ever. I feel like I have a good start on some designs that I’ve posted more recently so this is the time to take the plunge. I need a good yarn sale at Michaels to stock up on the yarn I want to use and just go for it already. I think I want to do a mix of premade and made to order so I don’t have a bunch of overstock.

And my personal goals:

1. Coupon more. I used to be super obsessed with couponing. I don’t need to go back to that extreme but I’ve really lost sight of it in the past year. Mike and I are on the same schedule now so I don’t have the time to dedicate to it that I used to but I still could make it work better. I know there is room to cut our food expenses in our budget and this is the way to do it. (I already started this one this past weekend!)

2. Exercise consistently. This is one goal that I falter on every year, then pick up again, then falter and so on. I have a love hate relationship with the gym. I love how I feel when I go but I hate going. I’d much rather exercise outside but since we’re in the midst of winter, the gym will have to do. It’s much easier to go when there are no holiday plans getting in the way. Exercise isn’t about losing weight for me, it’s about feeling better. I sit down on the way to work, at work, on the way home from work. Basically most of my day is in a chair and I get migraine headaches from sitting all the time. Working out makes me feel better so I need to get my butt in gear and keep going to the gym no matter how cold and dark it is outside. Now that I said it on my blog I have to do it, right?

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