A Taste of Spring


This past weekend my dad and I went to the Home and Garden show. It’s an expo every year for inside and outside home improvement and the main focus are gardens that are set up for the show. There is a theme every year and landscapers show off their talents. My dad and I usually go every year for a little taste of spring in the middle of the cold and dreary winter.

This year’s theme was American landmarks, and although I felt like some of the landmarks were a little obscure, I still enjoyed seeing all the cool ideas the landscapers came up with. Add a gazebo to my back yard wish list.

It was snowing and freezing on Sunday so seeing all the spring flowers and smelling the hyacinth was a reminder of what’s to come (hopefully soon!)

I love these cheery little primroses!


I feel like I need this color combo in my spring garden now.


More primroses. I love all the pretty colors.


Hyacinth, the smell of spring.


I totally want Mike to build me this fountain (and fill it with wine.)



This is the coolest idea. I used to have a type case when I was younger and I wish I still had it to display my wine corks.


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