I’m on Google Plus! (and my thoughts)

In case you didn’t notice my new social media icon, I jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon. If you are on too you can add me to your circle. I was really inspired to join by this post at Serendipity and Spice.
I went through a bit of headache to get it all set up but things are running smoothly now.
My blogger profile was originally through a Yahoo email account and when I set up a Gmail account I could not figure out how to switch it over. I tried a while ago to figure out how to switch it over but you can’t just change your blogger email to Gmail which is a poor design in my opinion. I did some more Googling and finally found my solution through a post by Graphically Designing (can't find the old url anymore.)
I accidentally locked myself out of access to my account momentarily but I figured it out after a short period of sheer panic.
Once I was all set up with my Gmail account I upgraded my account to Google Plus. It’s just a tab on the left navigation bar in Blogger. I learned through reading other comments that upgrading can make you a “no reply” blogger. I was pretty sure this happened to me since I wasn’t getting many email responses to my latest comments. I had to clue how to fix it though. Then I was lucky enough to find this post by Fluster Buster. Problem solved!
I set up my personal profile and a blog page but I ultimately decided to stick with my personal profile. The main reason is if I make a comment with Blogger’s commenting system it links back to my Google Plus profile. I want other bloggers to be able to find me easily once they get there so it seemed like the most logical choice.
I am liking the setup for Google Plus. It’s easy to separate people into different circles based on your relationship to them. The posts are nice and big and show up in chronological order. I could see it taking over Facebook someday considering that I don’t see everything I want to in my newsfeed and my blog page only gets seen by one third of my followers. It’s fairly easy to get everything set up and understand how to use so that’s a bonus.
We’ll see where Google Plus goes but for once I joining in early and I hope you’ll follow me there!
Are you on Google Plus yet? What are your thoughts?

Update: Here's a great series from Blogging with Amy about author rank. It's related to your Google Plus profile if you link your blog to it.

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