What I’ve Been Crocheting Lately


This weekend was pretty rough for Mike and I. We were both super sick with some kind of super cold. I’m not sure if it could be classified as the flu or not but it was not fun. The good news is that we are both on the mend after struggling to get anything accomplished this past weekend.

While I don’t have an awesome tutorial or crochet pattern to share today I can show you what I’ve been working on the past week or so since I finished my crochet fox scarf.

Our next door neighbors just had a baby. They didn’t find out the sex (this is way more common than I would expect!) so when we found out they had a baby girl I whipped up my go to newborn hat. We still haven’t brought it over though with all this sickness we have been harboring. It just didn’t seem appropriate to stop by.

crochet newborn hat with flower

I am participating in the Crochet Along over at One Dog Woof. It’s for a fun infinity cowl.

I did feel kind of crazy taking on another scarf pattern but it works up super quick. I already finished it but I don’t have any great pictures to share so you’ll have to wait to see the final product but here’s a sneak peak. If you want to join in you have until 3/7 to finish so there is still lots of time to get it done. Mine took a week with just working on it a little bit here and there.


I still have a hat design in mind but I ran out of yarn before it was finished :( I just bought a new skein at Michaels so that’s on my to do list. I also want to make a hat or ear warmer to match my new cowl so expect to see that too once I figure out what I want to do. Maybe I’ll even make both, I have a ton of that yarn left.

What are you working on this week?

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