WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #5



Sweater- Old Navy, Pants- Kohls, Boots- JC Penney

This was my “birthday” outfit. I took the day off of work to enjoy myself so I figured I might as well wear my favorite sweater. Mother Nature’s birthday present to me was 55 degree weather. Even though it was raining all day it was fabulous.

I’m sporting some new bangs too. I felt like I needed a new look so I went for full on bangs. I’m feeling a little mixed about them. One moment I love them and the next I’m thinking what have I done. I’m getting used to styling them so I’ll take it one day at a time.


Blazer- thrifted, Cami- Old Navy, Skirt- JC Penney, Tights- Kohls, Shoes- thrifted, Necklace- gift

This is my “I’m a professional” outfit. I had to throw in a pop of color with all this gray and black. I don’t know if you can tell but my tights have polka dots on them which means I’m actually pattern mixing.


Cardigan- Lands End, Tank- Target, Pants- Express Editor, Shoes- thrifted

This is my “”It’s Friday, there is a snow storm, I have nothing to wear and I’m going to be late to work” outfit. I think that sums it up.


Shirt- JC Penney, Pants- Kohls, Boots- Aerosoles, Belt- thrifted, Ear warmer- made by me

This is my “casual” outfit. I went to the Home and Garden Show with my Dad on Sunday. It’s a big remodeling/home improvements show where landscapers set up all these gardens with themes, there is a decorated home to walk through, and hundreds to vendors try to sell you stuff. We go for the gardens and the home and skip the gauntlet of vendors. I knew I would be wearing my coat the whole time so I went with a long sleeved tee. You better believe I put on another layer later when Mike and I were watching the super bowl because I am your typical freeze baby and it’s cold outside.


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