WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #7



Cardigan- Lands End, Skirt- Target, Tights- Target, Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory, Shoes- Thrifted

I love finding new ways to wear this skirt. It usually try to pair it with a more neutral color to keep it from getting too crazy at the office. This color combo was inspired by Katie and Tara. This cardi is just a tad bit short for tucking in so I had to fiddle with it all day to keep it in place. Also, do black and navy go together? I sure hope so because I don’t own navy shoes and I wore them together anyway :)



Dress- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted, Target, Belt- Came with sweater, Tights- Kohls, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Thrifted

I usually wear this outfit in the spring/summer but decided to bring it back into the rotation by adding in some tights. I wore this day before Valentine’s Day and after I was all ready looking at myself in the mirror it dawned on me that it would be a great Valentine’s Day outfit, but there was no way I was changing!



Dress- Thrifted- Target and altered by me, Tights- Kohls, Belt- Thrifted, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Gift

So here was my Valentine’s day outfit. I still got some red incorporated in it. I am going for week two with colored tights. I was feeling a little but unsure of these ones but I think they worked. They actually look more purple/red in different light.

Mike surprised me at work and took my out to lunch for Valentine’s day. He told me he had a headache and wanted some medicine and then showed up with a rose and a handmade card. It was so sweet <3



Sweater- Ann Taylor, Button down- NY and Company, Pants- Kohls, Shoes- Kohls, Necklace- Made by me

I don’t know what it is about Friday but I usually end up hating the outfit I picked out, trying on ten different variations, and settling with something because I am going to be late to work. This outfit was no exception. I was trying to wear these pants differently than I wore it last time but I ended up going with the same formula of sweater, button down and statement necklace. Oh well, it worked last time :)



Dress- JC Penney, Cardigan- Lands End Canvas, Belt- JC Penney, Tights- Kohls, Boots- JC Penney

We went to a birthday party for our friend’s one year old daughter on Saturday. I was planning all week to wear this outfit with yellow tights like this post I found on Pinterest. I normally only wear this dress in the summer but it was the perfect color for my inspiration picture. I put the outfit on and I just couldn’t do it. The tights were just so bright. I didn’t want to waste this perfectly good outfit so I remembered seeing Audrey wearing red and navy in this post and also this one. So the red tights got a second wear this week.

I don’t know what my aversion is to wearing those yellow tights. I think I need to bite the bullet already and just wear them. If not they would make a cute headband.


I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.

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