WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #12


black polka dot sweater, pink skirt

Cardigan- Thrifted and altered by me, Skirt- Target, Belt- Kohl’s, Tights- Kohl’s, Shoes- Thrifted, Earrings- Garage sale

I love this polka dot sweater but I have only worn it once before. I need to come up with some new outfits for it. It’s not hard to style but kind of gets forgotten in the sea of black cardigans I own.

cardigan and leopard scarf

Cardigan- Old Navy, Pants- Express, Scarf- Very Jane, Shoes- Kohl's

I have only worn this scarf before tied together like an infinity scarf. I have to say I kind of like it better that way when I’m wearing it with a sweater. I felt like it was in the way all day long, especially when I was washing my hands. Not sure how I see other ladies pulling this look off all the time. I much prefer the out of the way infinity scarf.

coral, brown and tan

Cardigan- Thrifted, Button Down- Thrifted, Skirt- Target, Tights- JC Penney, Boots- Aerosoles, Necklace- Gift

I used to pair this sweater and shirt together all the time but the pants I normally wear it with just didn’t fit me the way I wanted them too. Enter a tan skirt. It was the perfect substitute for tan pants.

mint bubble necklace, mint pants

Sweater- Target, Pants- Kohl’s, Necklace- Very Jane, Shoes- Kohl’s

Third week of jeans at the office. Technically these aren’t jeans but I would never wear them on a regular work day. The color seems too casual to me. I planned this outfit out for two weeks in advance and when I tried on the necklace with the pants, the colors were more different than I thought they would be and I almost ditched the outfit altogether. Then I decided they didn’t have to match perfectly and I happily wore them together all day.


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Sweater Refashion Three Ways

Sweater refashion three ways

It may be Spring and the end of March but it’s still cold and snowy here in Northeast Ohio. We just got a whole bunch of snow dumped on us last night. I see lots of bloggers talking spring and busting out their spring clothes but I’m still freezing. This project was perfect for the transition from from winter to warmer weather because I am still finding ways to layer and keep warm.

I did a big purge of my refashion pile. It was getting out of control and I was never going to get to everything anyway. I was looking for easy projects that I could make with minimal effort and this sweater caught my eye. I love the color but it was a little worn out for wearing anymore.


I recently watched this video that was created by Megan at Brassy Apple. She has done individual tutorials on her site but there was something about watching the video that really motivated me to cut up a sweater. I knew this turtle neck was the perfect option.

This was the easiest no sew project! I made four cuts. I started by cutting off the turtleneck, then each one of the sleeves, and finally the body of the sweater.

cutting the sweater

I folded the turtleneck in half and voila, it became a cute headband.

Sweater refashion

The sleeves became easy boot socks.

Sweater refashion

I folded the body in half and it became a short cowl.

Sweater refashion

Lucky for me the sweater did not fray to pieces or this would not have worked. It actually took me more time to get these photos taken than it did to create the project.

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WIWW-What I Wore Wednesday #11


mint and navy

Cardigan- Lands End, Skirt- Thrifted- Ann Taylor Loft, Cowl- Made by Me, Belt- JC Penney, Tights- Kohl's, Boots- JC Penney

Love this combo right now. I have been trying to pair all things mint and green. I only previously ever wore this skirt with tan or brown but the blue helps to make it more wintery. You may have seen this outfit already as I shared the refashion of a lace tee into this cowl on Friday.

teal sweater dress

Dress- Thrifted, Tights- Target, Boots- Dr. Scholls, Necklace- Target, Belt- Came with a sweater

I love this thrifted sweater dress and I wanted to get in a least another wear before it starts to warm up. Also love these boots and these tights. Not sure how I felt about the dress and boots with these tights though. I usually would wear black tights but the gray polka dot seemed like a good idea until I didn’t care for the photograph. I still went with it anyway since there was no time to be wishy washy about it.

black and white with bubble necklace

Shirt- Thrifted, J Crew, Pants- Thrifted, Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's, Necklace- Ebay, Shoes- Thrifted, Belt- Kohl's

I felt so serious in the black and white so I had to throw in this fun bubble necklace to balance it out. This is the biggest of my collection and I feel a little self conscious when I wear this one but it usually brings a lot of compliments.

blazer and skinny jeans

Blazer- Thrifted, Tee- Target, Jeans- Kohl’s, Necklace- New York and Company, Boots- Madden Girl, Belt- Kohl’s

Jeans day at work again. I normally don’t like the open blazer look on myself but I decided to try it since it looks so cute on other people. I like blazers to cinch in a at the waist so the open look always feels too boxy to me. I feel like I was rocking in though with this look. I had to dig out this tee shirt from the summer clothes since none of my tanks had the right neckline or color to please me. Now I’ve got two mint and blue looks in one week. I can’t get enough of this color.

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Five Things


IMG_1096 (427x640)

Random spring flower picture just to keep this post pretty


Danielle tagged me to share five things about myself you don’t know already. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am that interesting of a person so coming up with five things about myself you would want to hear is kind of hard for me. So here goes.

1. I was born in New York City and we lived there until I was five. Then we moved into one of the suburbs of the city until I was 11 before we moved to Ohio. I have some really awesome memoires of the city. I loved the museums and the restaurants and the window displays at Christmas. For one of my birthday parties my parents took my friends and I to the city to go to the museums. I used to go back and visit one of my friends through college but it’s been a long time. Mike and I almost went a couple of summers ago but our plans fell through. It’s definitely on my list of vacations I would love to take.

2. I only started eating eggs a couple of years ago. I always thought they were really gross and I couldn’t stand the texture of them. As a mature adult I try to eat things I don’t like every once in a while just to make sure I still don’t like them. Mike’s mom makes quiche for Christmas breakfast and I tried it and liked it. Then I graduated to scrambled eggs and fried egg sandwiches. I still can’t do a runny yolk egg or hard boiled but I’ve come a long way.

3. I hate horror movies but Mike loves them. He is always forcing me to watch and I close my eyes for any scene that I can’t handle. I rather watch a comedy or an action movie. He has gotten me hooked on The Walking Dead which is a TV show about the world post zombie apocalypse. I still can’t believe I like watching it, but I do.

4. I am craft supplies hoarder. (But what crafter isn’t?) I come from a family of collectors so it’s in my blood to save stuff. I feel like I have it fairly under control except when it comes to my craft stuff. I did a big spring clean up in my craft room over the weekend and got rid of a bunch of clothes I will never refashion, craft supplies I will never used, and a million scrap balls of yarn that I will never crochet with. I still have way too much yarn so I need to start working on some stash busting projects.

5.  I used to be a radio DJ for my college station. Mike loves to share this story. My name was Skye Jones and I did for a year or two. It was fun to be on the air back in the day when I thought I wanted to have a career in radio. And now I work at a bank so that sure changed :)


So I’m not going to specifically tag anyone since I hate doing that. I feel very rejected when I don’t get a response so if you are reading this and receptive to sharing then I tag you!

Lace Tee to Cowl Refashion

Lace Tee to Cowl Refashion

I bought this lace tee shirt at the thrift store a couple of months ago and I was really excited about it. It was a little big when I tried it on but I figure I would just take it in. I didn’t even bother looking at in the mirror. That was big mistake. It had this weird ruffle right in the chest area that was completely unflattering. I threw it in the refashion pile and hoped that inspiration would strike.


I am suddenly on a scarf/cowl kick and I started going through my refashion pile to see what I could transform when this shirt caught my eye. I decided it would make the perfect little spring cowl.
I started by slicing it off under the armpits. Then I tried it on to make sure I like the size.


Since there were two layers to the shirt and they weren’t connected I put in a super simple hem. I didn’t even bother double folding it since the fabric wasn’t fraying.


That weird ruffle was still bothering me so I hand stitched it the shirt to make it lay flat and I was done. Super simple project and now I have a cute lace piece to wear. I already wore it to work and I think it was the perfect compliment to my mint and green outfit :)

Lace Tee to Cowl Refashion

Lace Tee to Cowl Refashion

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WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #10


I have been having a lot of fun with these outfit posts! I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I do. It gives me a reason to be creative in the morning with what I’m wearing and to really think about what I have in my closet. I actually feel like I have more clothes now that I have to think of new combinations to wear them.


mustard cardigan, black dress, cognac boots

Dress- Target, Cardigan- Modcloth, Tights- Kohl’s, Boots- JC Penney, Belt- Came with sweater, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

Sometimes an outfit I photograph doesn’t look as cute to me as it did when I look in the mirror. This is definitely not one of those outfits. I love mustard and black and I can’t believe I didn’t pair this dress and cardigan together before.

purple shirt, grey pencil skirt

Shirt- New York and Company via Ebay, Skirt- JC Penney, Tights- Kohl’s, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- gift

I haven’t worn this shirt in a while so I felt like it needed to get in the clothing rotation. Something about the way I was angled made it look much more wrinkly than it really was :)

grey sweater, black pencil skirt, red belt

Sweater- Ann Taylor via Ebay, Skirt- Target, Belt- Target, Necklace- Made by me, Tights- Kohl’s, Shoes- Thrifted

Two Ebay purchases in a row. I got a gift card a couple of years ago and bought a couple of things. I‘ve kind of given up on buying too much online because it never turns out like I thought it would. This shirt is a prime example. It took me two years to wear it. It was still new when I bought it and I couldn’t bring myself to give it away but I couldn’t find anything to wear with it. So here is the only way I have ever styled it. I think it’s the little key hole cut out that bothers me about it but somehow I like it with this skirt. Don’t expect to see me imagine it any other way any time soon lol!

polka dot sweater, cobalt skinny jeans, cognac boots

Sweater- Old Navy, Pants- Kohl’s, Boots- JC Penney, Cowl- Made by Me

Jeans day at work! A couple of times a year we are allowed to wear jeans if we donate to a charity. Of course I had to bust out my cobalt jeans. It was awesome to be ready to go out in the evening without having to change out of my work clothes.

blue cardigan, missoni scarf, skinny jeans, brown boots

Cardigan- Target, Tank- Cold Water Creek, Jeans- Cold Water Creek, Scarf- Thrifted, Target, Boots- Aerosoles

This was my comfy outfit to run errands and go out to dinner with Mike on Saturday. I love this scarf. If you haven’t placed it, it’s from the Missoni line that was huge at Target a year or two ago. I found it at a thrift shop when we went to Portland in the fall and I was super excited. It was in the upper 50’s on Saturday so I threw on my puffer vest with this outfit and it was perfect for being out in the spring like weather.


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DIY Elastic Headbands Five Ways

headband collage

I love making headbands! They are so much fun to make. Clearly you can see that I made five different headband variations for my friend’s daughter’s one year old birthday. I had so many ideas I couldn’t stop at just one or two. I actually could have made more but I ran out of time :)

Many of the  flowers I used are crocheted but you can use fake flowers or make some out of felt or fabric. You can see other ways I have made flowers in the past on my felt flower headband, fake flower headband, and flower and lace headbands. Or check out other ways to make flowers on my DIY Flowers pinterest board.

I got a great deal on elastic from Pick your Plum a while ago. I got a combo of fold over elastic and more decorative elastics so I used a mix of both to the make the headbands.

I started by cutting a piece of elastic one inch smaller that the size of a typical one year old head plus 3/4 inch for seam allowance. (Here is a great head size chart from Wolly Worm Head.) I zig zagged the two ends together really well.


Then I cut a piece of elastic that fit around the headband and glued it into place over the seam. This left me with a place I could hook my flowers onto.


Then I wrapped an alligator clip with ribbon by running a tiny bead of hot glue around and pressing the ribbon into it. I recommend doing a little piece at a time and using a precision tip glue gun or it ends up becoming a mess.

I glued a piece of felt to the back of my flowers and then glued the clip on top.


I had two different crochet flowers in my stash but I think they came from the book Crochet Bouquet: Easy Designs for Dozens of Flowers. You can also check out my pinterest board for some ideas or use one of your favorites. This Irish rose pattern is also excellent.


For the headbands with the button center, I sewed the button onto the little extra piece of elastic before gluing it down. I used the flower pattern from my interchangeable crochet flowers headband for the big teal flower. I think this one looks cute too with the button by itself.


For the little flower I used this one except I created a chain circle instead of a magic circle for the center. I made a mistake on the pink one too since it was only supposed to have five petals but I liked the way it turned out so I still used it.


For the the fake flower ones I deconstructed some fake flowers and glued them back together. I used the same technique as my fake flower headband. I finished them off with a pearl inside of a bead cap. The bead cap was part of a necklace I took apart for pieces and I though they looked really pretty.


The last headband was the simplest since it can’t be interchanged but I really want to use this flower I had sitting in my stash. I glued the flower right onto the headband with a piece of felt on the back to cover up any extra glue drips.

The flower pattern came from 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More but you could use the pattern from above with two colors if you don’t want to buy the book. (It’s a pretty fabulous book though).


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WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #9



printed dress, cardigan, belt, boots

Dress- Thrifted, Cardigan- Garage sale, Belt- Came with a sweater, Tights- Kohl’s, Boots- Madden Girl

This was a new look for this dress. I’ve only work it belted by itself before but it’s three quarter length and can get a little chilly. I thought about getting rid of this cardigan because it’s a tad bit short and tight but it works perfect open over a dress. It has a second chance in my closet now :)

brown, tan and fuschia

Sweater- Target, Skirt- Thrifted, Ann Taylor, Cowl- Made by me, Tights- Kohl’s, Boots- JC Penney

I wore my new cowl and I felt like it really completed this outfit. It kept this light sweater warm and dressed it up while adding a pop of color. I feel like a need to wear scarfs more often now.

purple cardigan, belted button down, skinny pants, bubble necklace

Cardigan- Old Navy, Button Down- Thrifted, Pants- Kohl’s, Necklace- Groopdealz, Shoes- Kohl’s, Belt- Thrifted

I finally found another way to wear my skinny pants to work. Button down plus cardigan. I am actually wearing my belt underneath my cardigan, which never seems to feel right to me but today it worked.

tribal print skirt, lace cardigan

Cardigan- Target, Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Thrifted, Necklace- Made by me, Tights- JC Penney, Shoes- Thrifted, Belt- Thrifted

I got this cardigan for Christmas and this is only the second time I’ve worn it. I love it so I’m not sure why it has made so few appearances. This is the first time I’ve worn this necklace I made a while back. It also needs to get out more. This belt on the other hand, I wore three times this week.

blue skinnies, black cardigan, fuschia cowl

Pants- Kohls, Cowl- Made by me, Boots- Shoe store at the mall

My day to night outfit. Mike and I went out to dinner after work and I had to get out of my tights so I threw on my colored skinnies and warmed up my neck with my new cowl. Did I mention I think I look really weird without bangs now? I was to lazy to style them but I hate how they photographed so I’m not sure I will be doing that again.

yellow tights, black dress

Cardigan- Gabriel Brothers- New York and Company, Dress- Target, Tights- Target, Boots- JC Penney, Belt- Thrifted, Necklace- Remade by me

I did it! I finally found a way to wear these yellow tights. They are just peaking out between my dress and boots so it was the perfect way to wear them. I got two compliments on them so I feel like I might be a little more brave with showing them off next time.

burgundy skinny pants, gray and black

Cardigan- Thrifted, Pants- Thrifted and skinnified by me, Tank- Cold Water Creek, Boots- Shoe store at the mall.

Nothing thrilling about this outfit but I feel like I don’t wear these cords often enough so I had to document it. We visited with Mike’s sister and nieces on Sunday and this way my casual outfit for the day.


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